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13.9.2012"The response plan was our saviour." Health security and pandemic response: A test-case of the pandemic influenza A(H1N1) in Iceland Inga Sif Daníelsdóttir 1983
13.1.2011The Impact of US Foreign Policy on the Colombian Conflicts Egill Örn Þórarinsson 1987
10.9.2012A Small State seeking Hard Security: Iceland, NATO and the US Defence Agreement Ditlevsen, Martin Søvang, 1978-
5.6.2009Business and Security: Security in the Icelandic Travel Industry Edda Hrönn Hannesdóttir 1981
6.5.2013China´s Foreign Direct Investment in the ‘West’. Is there a security threat? Sveinn Kjartan Einarsson 1982
27.4.2010Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection: The Case of Iceland Jón Kristinn Ragnarsson 1981
4.5.2015Electricity Security in Iceland: Security awareness in the Icelandic electricity sector, and its implications for society Pollý Hilmarsdóttir 1987
7.9.2015Environmental Decision-Making in the Arctic Council: What is the Role of Indigenous Peoples? Coote, Michaela Louise, 1989-
4.9.2014European Union Cyber Security: A Viable Solution? María Björt Guðbrandsdóttir 1987
9.1.2012Multiculturalism, Security and Stability in the International System: The Case of Migration Ingunn Bjarnadóttir 1979
29.3.2011Food Security in Iceland: Present Vulnerabilities, Possible Solutions Orri Jóhannsson 1979
26.4.2010Human Security, Gender and Development: A Test-Case for Iceland’s Assistance Policy Nanna Rún Ásgeirsdóttir 1981
6.1.2015Human Security in the European Union's Foreign and Security Policies: The Application of the Concept of Human Security in the European Union's Relations with the Western Balkans Heynen, Claudia, 1984-
22.12.2010Iceland and the EU's Foreign, Security and Defense Policy. EU Goals, Icelandic History and Traditions Eva Þóra Karlsdóttir 1987
26.4.2010Iceland's Arctic Strategy. Security challenges and opportunities Jón Ágúst Guðmundsson 1979
6.5.2014Iceland's Economic Security Challenges: Plight, Policy and the "Small State" Model Sævar Már Óskarsson 1990
6.9.2010Japan’s Security Dilemma: Altering Article 9 Eyjólfur Eyfells 1983
28.4.2015Lost in Annexation? The Causes of Russia's Foreign Policy Choices in Crimea Anno 2014 Árni Þór Sigurðsson 1960
30.1.2012Narcotics in Iceland: Security Issues and Prohibition Policy Brynjólfur Sveinn Ívarsson 1987
13.1.2012Never Again? An analytical overview of 20 years of humanitarian crisis and military interventions for humanitarian reasons. Harpa Sif Arnarsdóttir 1987
29.1.2009New Security Threats and the Security Council; Climate Change as a Threat to Peace and Security Þorvarður Atli Þórsson 1982
27.4.2009Nordic security dynamics: Past, present - and future? Kristmundur Þór Ólafsson 1981
12.10.2008Northeast Asia’s Security and the Challenge of a Nuclear North Korea: The Future Prospects for Peace and Stability Morikawa, Jun, 1976-
19.9.2014Pipe dream? EU dependence on Russian natural gas Úlfur Sturluson 1984
2.5.2014Promotion of human security in EU external policy Campos, Inga Cristina, 1979-
27.4.2009Russia´s Perceptions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: "Real" Institution, "Counter"-Institution, or "Pseudo"-Institution? Jóhanna María Þórdísardóttir 1983
2.9.2014Small State Security and EU Membership: It depends who you are? Jovišić, Dragana Petrović, 1982-
26.4.2010Small States - States of Peace? A Case-Study of Iceland Sigurjóna Hreindís Sigurðardóttir 1986
21.4.2010The BRICs and international relations: An assessment of the potential leaders in a global future Oddur Ingi Nyborg Stefánsson 1988
16.9.2011The Collective Security Treaty Organization and NATO: "Never the twain shall meet" Brynhildur Ingimarsdóttir 1984
9.1.2013The Complexities of Small Arms Control: Sweden, the US, and an Arms Trade Treaty Hildur H. Sigurðardóttir 1984
6.1.2015The European Defence Market: Can the EU work for a stronger European defence industry without undermining its role as an international peace promoter? Örvar Þorri Rafnsson 1982
30.4.2009The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Lessons from Disagreements between the United States and Europe from 1954-2009 Vilborg Ása Guðjónsdóttir 1981
17.9.2012The Importance of Strategy: Iceland, Finland and Economic Security Daði Rafnsson 1976
1.10.2009The increased strategic importance of the High North and its security implications for Iceland Gustav Pétursson 1979
30.4.2012The Ukrainian Security Dilemma: Is neutrality an answer? Artamonov, Sergii, 1988-
8.5.2009The United States Ballistic Missile Defense System and its Implications for European Security Vera Knútsdóttir 1985
21.9.2009The US-Japan-China Triangle: Shifting Power Balances in East Asia and the world Kristófer Hannesson 1982
13.1.2011Why Can We Get Rid of the Western European Union? European Collective Security and the Modified Brussels Treaty Örvar Þorri Rafnsson 1982