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21.6.2010Arctic offshore oil and gas concerns: maritime law, sustainable development and human rights : a brief look at Iceland & Greenland Guðmundur Egill Erlendsson
3.6.2014Arctic shipping and China : Governance structure and future developments Hjalti Þór Hreinsson 1984
21.6.2010Climate change and human rights : the implications that climate change has on the human rights of the Inupiat in Barrow, Alaska Hildur Sólveig Elvarsdóttir 1985
21.6.2010Consistencies and inconsistencies in the national strategies of the Arctic littoral states Harry Borlase
15.6.2016Cruise tourism in the Arctic : sustainability issues and protection of the marine environment in international law Nordblom, Ulrika, 1986-
26.8.2014Large scale projects in the Arctic : socio-economic impacts of mining in Greenland Monika Margrét Stefánsdóttir 1978
26.8.2014Multinational Corporations versus Corporate Social Responsibility : the case of Russian oil Multinational Corporations Metuge, Leonel, 1983-
15.6.2016Research of legal status and navigation regime of arctic shipping lanes Yu, Yue, 1991-
22.9.2014Risk and responsibility : hydrocarbon extraction in the Arctic Ocean under international law Johnstone, Rachael Lorna, 1977-
16.2.2015Security outlook of the Arctic states and perspectives on NATO’s involvement Zhilina, Irina, 1989-
5.7.2011The Barents environmental cooperation : a legitimacy analysis Nikolas Sellheim
21.6.2010The recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of area protection and management in the Arctic Antje Neumann
21.6.2010The rights to self-determination of the indigenous peoples : illustrated by Arctic indigenous peoples Yichao Chen
21.6.2010Trans-Arctic shipping: The Icelandic perspective Húni Heiðar Hallsson