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5.5.2017A Book is a World unto Itself. On Writing the Novella The Glass Hill Elísabet Jónsdóttir 1991
10.5.2010"...A Certain Step Towards Falling in Love." Jane Austen’s Use of Dancing in Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma Hildur Friðriksdóttir 1985
20.9.2010A Cold Blooded Murderer Calls For a Revision. Rick Altman's Subgenre Division of the American Film Musical Sigrún Karlsdóttir 1971
8.5.2014A Comedy for the Rich, a Tragedy for the Poor: Political Satire in Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games Bylgja Júlíusdóttir 1990
28.4.2009A comparative study on short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Nikolai Gogol Auður Eva Guðmundsdóttir 1980
9.5.2012A Confederacy of Dunces and the picaresque: generic considerations Friðrik Sólnes Jónsson 1979
11.5.2015Adapting Traditional Chinese Culture in Amy Tan´s The Joy Luck Club Xinyuan Zhang, 1988-
19.1.2016Adelaide English: Regional Variation in Australian English Phonology Kristína Lentz 1988
9.5.2016A Genealogy of the Uncanny in Scottish Literature: From James Hogg and Robert Louis Stevenson to Muriel Spark and Ali Smith Sebastían Kristinsson 1992
21.1.2013A Generic Study of The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis Kristinn Geir Friðriksson 1971
8.5.2017“Ah Choose not tae Choose Life”: The Downsides of Heroin Use as Represented in Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh Guðmundur Ásgeir Sveinsson 1988
20.1.2012"A history of wrong." Post-colonial and feminist concerns in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace Hjördís Erna Þorgeirsdóttir 1985
8.5.2015A Journey of Growth: Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom as a Bildungsroman Kristín Jónasdóttir 1983
28.5.2010"All I Want Is Everything." Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women and Margaret Laurence's The Diviners Łozińska, Martyna, 1984-
10.5.2011A Mother's Love. A Lacanian Psychoanalysis of Samuel Beckett's Rockaby Dagbjört Vésteinsdóttir 1987
10.5.2011Animal Instincts and the Canadian Beast. Reflections on Sex, War and Survival in Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage Sykes, Brad, 1981-
20.9.2010A Phonological Study of Icelandic Pronunciation of English: Plosives and Aspiration Tinna Steindórsdóttir 1983
16.1.2017A Poet of the Personal: A Study of the Theme of Death in Sylvia Plath‘s Ariel Anna Lilja Jóhönnudóttir 1989
4.5.2012Apprentice and Mentor?: The Influence of Victorian Women Writers Analysed Through the Relationship and Works of Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Dickens Hrafnhildur Haldorsen 1985
7.5.2010A Provoked Restoration Lady. A Study of Vanbrugh's Lady Brute in The Provoked Wife Grétar Rúnar Skúlason 1960
12.5.2014A Question of Identity: Exploring Cultural Assimilation Through Writing Fiction Alda Sigmundsdóttir 1962
31.1.2009Are fairy tales only children's stories? A discussion of the use of fairy tales as a literary genre Kronborg, Ditte Rysgård, 1985-
25.6.2013Are National Curriculum objectives for teaching English being met in Icelandic compulsory schools? Samuel C. Lefever 1954
27.6.2013Are some more equal than others? : English as a global and academic skill in Iceland Freyja Melsted 1991
18.1.2013As Heard on TV: A Study of Common Breaches of Prescriptive Grammar Rules on American Television Ragna Þorsteinsdóttir 1988
19.10.2012Aspects of the progressive in English and Icelandic Kristín M. Jóhannsdóttir 1969
11.1.2010"A spring of love gushed from my heart, And I blessed them unaware." The Ancient Mariner´s Acceptance of the Absurd Knezevic, Julia Elisabeth, 1977-
5.5.2009Assessing English Learning in Iceland. A Study of Assessment Methods Used in Icelandic Primary and Secondary Schools Birna Margrét Arnþórsdóttir 1961
8.5.2013A Tug of War. The Importance of Duality in Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song Sigrún Árnadóttir 1959
3.5.2012Avoiding the Banana Hole. Psychoanalytic Reading of the Character of Seymour Glass in J.D. Salinger’s Shorter Fiction Daði Guðjónsson 1981
9.5.2016“A woman's whole life in a single day. Just one day. And in that day her whole life”. Fluid Sexual Identity in Michael Cunningham´s The Hours Wlodarczyk, Andrzej, 1981-
4.5.2017"A Zigzag of Contradictions": Manifestations of Duality in Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped, Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song and Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting Teresa Sigfúsdóttir 1992
14.5.2009Becoming a Woman. The Semiotic and Symbolic, Represented in the Heroine of Wolf by Gillian Cross Þórný Sigurjónsdóttir 1984
17.3.2010Begynderundervisning i fremmedsprog : er engelskmaterialet mere motiverende for indlæring af sproget end danskmaterialet? Alice Petersen
20.5.2010Behind The Wallpaper The feminist point of view in the story "The Yellow Wallpaper" Helga Sigurlaug Sigurðardóttir 1963
9.5.2012"Bell-Shaped Flowers and Butterflies." Metaphor and Metafiction in Tim O'Brien's Vietnam War Stories The Things They Carried Sjöfn Holmsted Sigurðardóttir 1970
10.5.2012Beowulf. A heroic tale of fact or fiction? Anna Lind Borgþórsdóttir 1963
9.6.2009Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Iceland: A Study of the Importance of Mother Tongue Support for Bilingual Children in Iceland Shukurova, Maria, 1984-
9.5.2012Björk Guðmundsdóttir. A Phonological, Phonetic and Sociolinguistic approach Jón Friðrik Jónatansson 1987
12.5.2014Blaxploitation Unchained: An historical analysis of Blaxploitation and how Django Unchained fits within the Blaxploitation cycle Dupree, Marvin Lee, 1980-
16.1.2015"Blood and Piss, the Great British Cocktail." A Literary and Sociological Exploration of Football Hooliganism in the 1980s in John King's Novel The Football Factory and Bill Buford's Investigative Journalism in Among the Thugs Andri P. Guðmundsson 1991
10.5.2016Blood, Coffins and Transformation: The Image of Dracula in Children´s Vampire Fiction Sandra Dögg Sigmundsdóttir 1986
11.5.2015Breaking the Silence: On Writing The Silent Predator Júlíana Garðarsdóttir 1989
8.5.2012Breaking the silence. The search for a voice in Alice Walker‘s The Color Purple Sigrún Tinna Sveinsdóttir 1987
6.10.2008Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present in Toni Morrison's Beloved Kolbrún Björk Sveinsdóttir 1973
12.5.2014British or American English? A Survey on Speech Svanhildur Sif Halldórsdóttir 1985
9.5.2012"Brutal only from a distance." War, sports and the limits of language in Don DeLillo's End Zone Ingibjörg Karlsdóttir 1971
18.5.2015Building a Secret House of Words. On Writing Come with Me: The Coyote Has Been Howling All Night Hlín Leifsdóttir 1978
19.12.2016“But then there is still something, you know, of course, natural for one to speak Icelandic, it is my mother tongue”: Icelandic lyricists’ identity and language choice Iðunn Andersen 1982
10.5.2016Can Language Affect Thought? An Overview of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and Examination of the Grammatical Gender in Regard to the Theory Júlía Kristjánsdóttir 1988
12.9.2011Capturing the Zeitgeist. Native German Loanwords in English Þorsteinn Hjaltason 1967
4.2.2009Casting a Long Shadow. A Study of Masculinity and Hard Men in Twentieth-Century Scottish Fiction Jóhann Axel Andersen 1979
2.3.2015Celtic Influence on the Isle of Wight Dialect of British English Rayner, James, 1992-
12.5.2014Changing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Thor Michael Bergur Leaman 1991
20.1.2011"Changing Ground." Travel writing about Iceland over a fifty year interval Rósa María Sigurðardóttir 1966
20.10.2008Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. A Thief or a Victim? Didelyté, Dovilé 1979
8.5.2012Chasing Your Tale: On Working Title and the Creative Journey Inga Mekkin Guðmundsdóttir Beck 1988
5.5.2010Chaucer’s female characters in the Canterbury Tales: Born to thralldom and penance, and to been under mannes governance Særún Gestsdóttir 1978
11.9.2014Childhood´s trauma in The Go - Between and Atonement. An analysis of children’s psychosexual development in the novels by L. P. Hartley and Ian McEwan Irina Björk Filimonova 1988
10.5.2016Children's first language acquisition: What is needed for children to acquire language? Erla Björk Guðlaugsdóttir 1990
12.5.2015Christianity Under Fire: An Analysis of the Treatment of Religion in Three Novels by Bernard Cornwell Kjartan Birgir Kjartansson 1992
20.1.2014Cinderella Theme in Mansfield Park. A None Magical Fairy Tale Ending Pardillo Juarez, Rhea, 1984-
13.5.2014Coaching and Corruption. A Study of the Cinematic Presentation of the Abuse of NCAA Regulations for College Sports in America in the Films The Program and Blue Chips Arnar Þór Jónsson 1982
15.1.2015Comparative study of personal pronouns in second language acquisition: English and Mandarin Chen Liu, 1988-
24.1.2011Comparison of Settings in Which Fairy People Dwell or Appear in English Literary and Folk Traditions Linev, Alexandr, 1967-
8.5.2013Conceptual metaphors in perception verbs: A comparative analysis in English and Icelandic Ása Bryndís Gunnarsdóttir 1986
30.4.2014Cooperative Learning in Foreign Language Teaching: A Study of the Use of Group Work in Language Studies in Icelandic Secondary Schools Kristjana Hrönn Árnadóttir 1987
31.3.2011Coping with English at tertiary level : instructors’ views Hafdís Ingvarsdóttir 1944; Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir 1952
30.3.2011Coping with English at university : students’ beliefs Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir 1952; Hafdís Ingvarsdóttir 1944
28.4.2009Counting trumps: The language of the card game Bridge and its status as a variety of English Sigurbjörn Haraldsson 1979
10.5.2013Cross Over and Duality. Murakami’s Integration of the Fantastical into the Ordinary Nandabhiwat, Natsha, 1986-
10.5.2016"Cult of the Apron." Gender Representation in Children’s Literature Guðrún Drífa Egilsdóttir 1988
13.1.2014Cultural Aspects of Translation: The Foreignizing Method. An Introduction to the Translation of Laila Lalami’s Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits Rakel Sigurðardóttir 1970
8.1.2015Culture is not your friend: Psychedelic literature of the 20th century and its subversive effect in an industrial world Gunnar Jónsson 1985
20.1.2011Dead or Alive? Conventionality of Metaphors in Business English Una Guðlaug Sveinsdóttir 1985
10.10.2008Death, travel and Pocahontas. The imagery on Neil Young's album Rust never sleeps Hans Orri Kristjánsson 1980
15.1.2013Destruction and Sympathy in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff's Loss of the Reader's Sympathy Through Self-Destructive Behaviour and Ruination of Others Daníel Ingi Þórarinsson 1989
6.5.2016Deyi málin, deyja líka þjóðirnar. Um erlend máláhrif og aukið vægi ensku á Íslandi Elín Þórsdóttir 1992
5.5.2015"Disorderly Order": The Grotesque and the Gothic as Forms of Caledonian Antisyzygy in James Hogg's The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner and Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Júlíus Árnason 1984
25.1.2017Distinguishing Between Polysemy and Homonymy: A Critique of a Common Dictionary Approach Liene Alekse 1987
10.5.2010Documentation for Spectrum Intranet: Discussion of the Writing Process Jónas Örn Ólafsson 1977
11.9.2012Don't judge a book by its cover: The Camp and Queerness of Rocky Horror Picture Show Bjarni Snæbjörnsson 1978
10.9.2015Doublets. A Study of Old Norse Influence on English Vocabulary Arna Rún Sesarsdóttir 1983
8.5.2012Dragons and "the Other" in Modern Fantasy: Tolkien, McCaffrey and Novik Compared Ragna Ó. Guðmundsdóttir 1989
8.5.2015Dream a Little Dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and the American Dream Íris Ósk Valþórsdóttir 1980
28.1.2010Early L2 English Teaching in Iceland. A literature review of possible L2 effects on L1 early literacy development Jóna Katrín Hilmarsdóttir 1982
6.5.2011East African English. Linguistic Features and Background Hermann Ingi Ragnarsson 1983
14.9.2010Education, Experience and Endurance. A study of teaching methods in secondary schools Arndís María Kjartansdóttir 1971
10.5.2012Elements of the Gothic: Falling from nature in Wuthering Heights Guðbjörg Skjaldardóttir 1973
5.5.2011English as a Language of Learning at the University of Iceland. A Survey of Students' Perceived Proficiency Tovazzi, Maddalena, 1988-
15.9.2010English as Lingua Franca at European Universities? Edda Ýr Meier 1979
8.5.2012English Encountered by Icelandic Children. Is English becoming the second language of Iceland’s youth? Þóranna Hrönn Þórsdóttir 1985
12.9.2014English in Adult Education Ostrowska, Katarzyna, 1985-
16.9.2010English influence on Icelandic. The frequency and morphological properties of loanwords of English origin in Icelandic news reports Herdís Hreiðarsdóttir 1972
28.10.2014English loanwords in the Icelandic language of the sea. Particularly in the jargon of trawlermen Sverrir H. Konráðsson 1953
23.9.2011English or Icelandic? A False Dichotomy in a Modern Global Society Ólöf Ásdís Baldvinsdóttir 1967
15.9.2010English or Icelandic? Communication in Icelandic multinational companies Agnes Björk Helgadóttir 1980
17.1.2013English Proficiency and English Exposure in the Media. A comparative study between countries with high and low English exposure Molnár, Máté, 1989-
5.6.2009English Proficiency of Icelandic and Immigrant Children Maltseva, Elena, 1977-
24.4.2012English Reading Comprehension of 9th Grade Students in Iceland Ólöf Hildur Egilsdóttir 1961
31.3.2011English skills of young learners in Iceland : “I started talking English when I was 4 years old. It just bang… just fall into me.” Samuel C. Lefever 1954
15.5.2012English use at the six social service centers in Reykjavík: English as the lingua Franca of social services in Reykjavik Barbara Jean Kristvinsson 1958
9.9.2014English use in the workplace and stress effects. A study on the possible stress effects of increased use of English in the workplace in Iceland Valgerður Gunnarsdóttir 1981
6.5.2016English Words in Context. An Unexpected Voyage: A Reading Adventure Jenný Berglind Rúnarsdóttir 1966
11.5.2010Enska í íslensku: staða og áhrif enskunnar í íslensku máli Garåsen, Vigdis, 1986-
11.10.2010Enskukunnátta nemenda í 2. bekk Erla Bára Ragnarsdóttir 1985
4.5.2015Euphemism and Gender: A Study of the Relationship Between Gender and Euphemisms Teresa Alma Sigfúsdóttir 1992
31.1.2009Everything is illuminated. A Bildungsroman: Expressed through stream-of-consciousness-writing Wagner, Solveig Lilian 1985-
5.9.2013Explicit Teaching of Academic Vocabulary in EFL: Preparing Icelandic students for education at university level María Pétursdóttir 1973
11.5.2017Exploring the Effect of Bilingualism in Third Language Vocabulary Acquisition Helga Margrét Helgadóttir 1982
1.6.2016Exploring the Legacy of Halldór Laxness: Contemporary English-Language Perspectives on Iceland's Greatest Twentieth-Century Writer Brandsma, Elliott J., 1990-
8.5.2015Exploring the Unfamiliar: On Writing Eyes of Darkness Daníel Martyn Knipe 1989
27.6.2012Exposure to English in Iceland : a quantitative and qualitative study Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir 1952
10.5.2012Fact or Fiction? An examination of Historical Accuracy in John Buchan’s A Lost Lady of Old Years and an Assessment of Buchan’s Influences Kristjana Hrönn Árnadóttir 1987
7.5.2015Fairyland Remains the Same: A Proppian Analysis of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Anna Margrét Sveinsdóttir 1968
16.9.2010Family relations in Harry Potter, from Jung's viewpoint Hugborg Anna Sturludóttir 1981
10.1.2013Fatal Attraction: Comparing Sexualities in Dracula, The Vampire Chronicles, and The Twilight Saga Eydís Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir 1988
8.5.2014Fighting Back & Falling Hard: Representation of the New Woman & Psychological Decline in The Awakening & The House of Mirth Ylfa Hafsteinsdóttir 1989
11.5.2015First Language Acquisition: Is Children’s Knowledge of Language Innate? Johnston da Cruz, Zulaia, 1979-
14.1.2015First Language Acquisition. Learning the Meaning of Nouns Marvalova, Veronika, 1990-
27.2.2014First Language Acquisition. The rate and style of vocabulary growth in the first years Guðríður Eva Halldórsdóttir 1988
9.5.2017Fish as a Common Denominator? Symbolism in As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner Gréta Hauksdóttir 1976
7.9.2016Focus on Form: Deductive versus inductive techniques in teaching English Ásdís Björnsdóttir 1980
9.9.2010"For better or worse, I am Canadian." Demand for Ethnic Recognition in Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King and Obasan by Joy Kogawa Rakel Sigurðardóttir 1970
7.5.2010Forbidden Love. Romanticizing the Villain Íris Thelma Jónsdóttir 1983
3.5.2010Forever Young: Chaucer‘s Wife of Bath and Her Fear of Losing Her Outer Beauty Hildur Seljan Indriðadóttir 1986
10.5.2012Fortitude in the Face of Adversity. Irony in Ambrose Bierce’s short story “A Horseman in the Sky” . Gyða Hafdís Margeirsdóttir 1956
1.2.2012Frederick Douglass: A Free Slave Árný Ösp Arnardóttir 1987
10.5.2017Frederick Douglass: From Chains of Ignorance to Freedom Amelía Christine Scholl 1994
20.1.2017"Frightening" Women's Road to Success in Caryl Churchill's Top Girls Fanney Benjamínsdóttir 1990
12.5.2014From a Villainess to Antihero: The Wicked Way Gunnhildur Rós Oddsdóttir 1989
7.10.2008From Book to Movie. What is Lost in the "Disneyfication” of Winnie-the-Pooh? Fríða Gylfadóttir 1982
29.4.2015From Masks to Masterpieces. Oscar Wilde's Self-Revelation in his Works Hildur María Haarde 1989
10.5.2013From Snow White to Tangled: Gender and Genre Fiction in Disney's "Princess" Animations Íris Alda Ísleifsdóttir 1988
9.5.2012From song to stories. Creating fiction from lyrics Axel Paul Gunnarsson 1988
6.5.2014From Spark to Flame. On Writing "I See Fire" Bjarki Dagur Svanþórsson 1990
19.1.2015From Talking Animal to Talking Machine. Lexical semantic relations in WordNet Kantorovich, Tatiana Valeria, 1974-
10.5.2016From Unwanted to Essential: Imagination, Nature and Female Connection in L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables Sólrún Harpa Sveinbjörnsdóttir 1992
10.5.2011From Zero to Hero. The Hero's Journey as Presented in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Book Series Maria Kristjánsdóttir 1988
9.5.2012Fully Human. Gender Conflict in Two Tales by H.P. Lovecraft Sindri Eldon 1986
12.5.2014Garden of Eden, Garden of Hell? The Many Uses of the Symbolic Garden in Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano Marissa Sigrún Pinal 1988
7.1.2010Garth Ennis' Preacher and the Western. Or How Preacher is a Western Kjartan Fossberg Jónsson 1986
30.5.2009Gender Anxiety and Identity Crisis: The Significance of Metamorphosis in Angela Carter's The Passion of New Eve Erla María Davíðsdóttir 1981
18.1.2012Gender attitudes in Harry Potter. A study of the portrayal of gender in the Harry Potter franchise, and its effect as an agent of socialization Hugrún Ósk Óskarsdóttir 1984
19.8.2015Gender Equality in the Color Purple: From Survival to “Wearing the Pants” Íris Björk Eysteinsdóttir 1974
18.1.2013Gender Equality in the Wizarding World? A Feminist Analysis of the Harry Potter Novels Ingibjörg Sigurgeirsdóttir 1988
24.1.2017Gender-Inclusive Language in English Josefine Björnson 1990
10.5.2017Geoffrey Chaucer feminist of the Medieval Times: The Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale Íris Dögg Gunnarsdóttir 1989
9.5.2016George Boleyn, the Villainous Victim: Portrayals in Twenty-First Century Historical Fiction Katrin Þóra Jonsson 1988
2.5.2014Giulietta's Dilemma. An Adaptation and Its Composition Katrín Vilborgardóttir Gunnarsdóttir 1987
7.7.2010Giving Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure. A study on the cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir 1987
19.5.2010Globalization in Baltic:English Loanwords in Lithuanian Lekaviciute, Irma, 1981-
16.1.2014Gloriously Politically Incorrect: What are the reasons behind George Macdonald Fraser's creation of the original Flashman novel? Ástrós Tanja Guðbrandsdóttir 1990
8.5.2014“God is inside you.” Spirituality in The Color Purple by Alice Walker Marzok, Agnieszka, 1977-
8.1.2010‘Gotta dance!’ How the Hollywood Musical Danced its Way to an Artform Ólafur Páll Einarsson 1983
8.6.2009Grammar Gaffes in Popular Music. Is Grammar in Popular Music Deteriorating? Ragnar Tómas Hallgrímsson 1986
10.5.2012Greater Fairness in British Elections. The Liberal Democrats and Proportional Representation Kristinn H. Gunnarsson 1952
5.5.2014Grimm's Rapunzel evolving into a Disney Princess Svava Sigurjónsdóttir 1986
11.9.2009Grotesque Physicality: Female Excess in Angela Carter’s “Nights at the Circus” Helga Valborg Steinarsdóttir 1985
14.6.2010Grýla the Mother and the Murderer: Cautionary Tales and Fairytales Erla Jónasdóttir 1983
11.5.2017Hallgerdur: Deconstructing the Sign A Derridean Analysis of the Ambiguity of Language Choice and Semantic Spillage Across Genres in the Saga of Njal Lopera, July, 1987-
23.1.2015Happily Ever After. The Disneyfication of H.C. Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" Emma Havin Sardarsdóttir 1990
20.1.2012Heaven and Hell: A Human Creation. Emily Brontë's vision of an earthly heaven and hell in Wuthering Heights with a Miltonic comparison. Katrín Júlía Pálmadóttir 1983
6.5.2014Heroic Themes in Genesis B Svava Berglind Finsen 1991
12.5.2014Heteronormative Villains and Queer Heroes: Queer Representation in the Films of John Waters Ásta Karen Ólafsdóttir 1990
12.5.2014His Name is Stephen: Getting Creative with Writing Stella Júlía Ágústsdóttir 1976
10.5.2011Home Literacy & Child Language Development. The Importance of Children's Literature and Poetry Arna Sigríður Ásgeirsdóttir 1987
20.8.2009How did I catch your attention: An English novella and its writing process Ingibjörg Rósa Björnsdóttir 1976
10.5.2011How Thomas King Uses Coyote in His Novel Green Grass, Running Water Petkova, Veneta Georgieva, 1979-
9.5.2016How Young Children Learn to Read Íris Jóhanna Ólafsdóttir 1984
15.9.2010H.P. Lovecraft. The Enlightenment and connection to the world of Cosmicism Kristjón Rúnar Halldórsson 1984
9.5.2017Human Multimodal Communication: From Concrete Processing Systems to the Abstract Organisation of Language Klara Sif Skarphéðinsdóttir 1989
8.5.2012I Am No Man. The Strength of Women in J.R.R. Tolkien's Major Works Elísabet Stenberg 1987
11.1.2010"I am not as good a girl as I ought to be." Fallen Women in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield and Oliver Twist Unnur Kjartansdóttir 1984
4.10.2010Icelandic Immigrants and First Nations People in Canada Sigrún B. Gunnarsdóttir 1954
9.5.2012"I don’t know nothink." Double standards and dual narration in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House Kolbrún Ingimarsdóttir 1966
13.5.2011“If he be Mr Hyde...I shall be Mr Seek.” Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and its place within crime fiction Fríða Kristinsdóttir 1974
9.5.2016If You Don’t Like Their Story, Write Your Own: Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah and the New Postcolonial Literature do Espirito Santo, Liliane, 1987-
10.5.2011"I'm not in the mood for a party tonight." The Orwellian Roots of the Pinteresque Magnús Teitsson 1972
16.10.2009In black and white. A study of the portrayal of racism in the book, film, and the television versions of H.G. Bissingers´s Friday Night Lights Heimir Berg Vilhjálmsson 1982
4.5.2012In Search of Lexical Whorf: A Comparison Between the Lexical Influence on Thought in the Standard View of Whorf and Whorf’s own Writings in the Light of Empirical Evidence Unnar Örn Harðarson 1971
10.5.2011In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream 'Authorship!' The Shift of Authorship in the Alien Franchise from the Producer to the Director to the Star Erlingur Grétar Einarsson 1982
10.5.2012Interpreter Roles. What is an interpreter and how can he or she gain from a typology of interpreter-mediated events Sunna Jónína Sigurðardóttir 1985
8.5.2012"I shall assume that only binary branching is permitted." The Development of Binary-branching Theory in English Syntax in Relation to Double Complement Structures Pétur Már Sigurjónsson 1989
8.5.2009Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction? The question of veracity and reliability in the memoir Running with Scissors Elísabet Björnsdóttir 1984
10.5.2011It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn. A discussion of three adaptations based on the works of Philip K. Dick Ásta Arnardóttir 1980
19.5.2009"It really won't do you know." Pros and Cons of the Creation and Success of C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Eva Dögg Sveinsdóttir 1981
10.10.2008Jane Austen’s Persuasion: Major and minor characters Ragnhildur Nielsen 1975
28.4.2009Jane Eyre: A feminist Guðný Guðmundsdóttir 1986
10.5.2017Jane Eyre and Sarah Woodruff: Heroines Who Paved the Way to Modernity Þórey Þórsdóttir 1992
10.5.2013Jane Eyre as an Independent Cinderella. Parallels between the Fairy Tale and the Novel Eyrún Ýr Hildardóttir 1976
8.5.2013Joe Wright’s Film Adaption of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The Romanticising of Marriage in Popular Culture Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir 1959
25.4.2012John Gower, Richard II and Henry IV: A Poet and his Kings. A socio-historical study of John Gower's poetry and late fourteenth-century English politics Grétar Rúnar Skúlason 1960
11.5.2009John Steinbeck's characters. Representing different social and political groups Rúnar Örn Sævarsson 1985
9.9.2014John Steinbeck's Wrath. Human Behavior During Desperate Times Guðrún S. Gröndal 1988
20.1.2012Jonathan Swift and the Politics of Gulliver's Travels Elmar Freyr Kristþórsson 1984
9.5.2014Jon Targaryen: A Hero's Journey Ívar Hólm Hróðmarsson 1982
12.5.2014J. R. R. Tolkien. A Marxist Reading Stefán Gestur Stefánsson 1982
3.2.2012Keeping their Cool: Speech vs. Song in British Popular Music Stefán Ólafsson 1985
14.9.2016Language Learning in Japan. The Significance of English in Modern Japan Suszko, Martyna, 1991-
8.5.2017Language of social media Jóhann Daníel Jimma 1986
10.5.2013Language or Communication? Is Language unique to the human species? Guðný Eygló Ólafsdóttir 1985
16.5.2012Language Use by Polish Immigrants in Iceland: English or Icelandic? Zaorska, Katarzyna Dorota, 1989-
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