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29.8.2013Aligning targeted marketing with academic program development goals – case study of MPM program Kristín Stefanía Þórarinsdóttir 1978
3.9.2012Analyzing Markets and Designing an Export Strategy for Atlantic Leather to Enter the Mexican Market Serralde Monreal, José Omar 1982
5.6.2014Applying Reconstructuralist Models in the IaaS Market : A case study of GreenQloud Nicola Storgaard 1984
3.9.2013Branding of electricity in B2B markets Rolanda Simenaite 1986
27.8.2015Corporate Social Responsibility as an Indicator for Employer Attractiveness. A Cross-Cultural Study. Nils Schweers 1988
31.1.2013Cultural Awareness in the Icelandic Tourism Industry: An exploration of cultural awareness and workplace diversity management in an expanding industry Birna Sif Kristínardóttir 1986
3.9.2013Customer Acquisition: Variables affecting exchange relationship initiation at a Danish bank Snorri Danielsen 1983
25.1.2017Customer engagement on Instagram brand pages in the make-up cosmetics industry Annika Vignisdóttir 1988
5.6.2014Effect of Social Media Marketing on Traditional Marketing Campaigns in Young Icelandic Companies Anna Guðbjörg Cowden 1989
26.8.2015Effects of Content on Facebook Post Popularity: The Case of Icelandair Herborg Sörensen 1988
7.7.2016Effects of content on Google ad success : the case of Icelandair Olivier, Nicolas Pierre Hippolyte Emile , 1993-
27.8.2015Electronic Cigarettes: Market Entry in Iceland? Hinrik Hinriksson 1990
6.7.2016Factors affecting attitudes and behavioral intentions towards in-app mobile advertisements: A cross-cultural comparison between India and the United Kingdom Atli Geir Hallgrímsson 1989
25.1.2017Gaining insights into website traffic and online consumer behavior with Google Analytics Hreinn Bergs 1991
27.8.2015How can Tibco Spotfire enhance Icelandair's Twitter Marketing? Ármann Gunnlaugsson 1991
12.6.2017Icelandair digital development : a focus on digital development to gain or maintain a competitive advantage Alvar Sverrisson 1971; Stefán Már Melstað 1990
27.8.2015Icelandair Social Media Communication: Develop Appropriate Digital Strategy on Facebook Sandra Espersen 1986
27.8.2015Icelandic Companies Doing Business in China; Cultural Differences and Intercultural Communication Inga Dís Júlíusdóttir 1989
27.8.2015Icelandic salted cod in Madrid - Brand audit Kristinn Björnsson 1982
5.6.2014Improving Consumer-Retailer Relationships Through Digital Retail: How in-store technologies can affect the Icelandic grocery industry Liam Kristinsson 1988
27.8.2015Influential Factors of Donation Interest: The Significance of Risk Perception and the Role of Cosmopolitanism Lilja Ósk Diðriksdóttir 1989
31.1.2013Internationalization of software for the health care sector; the study case of Snarpur Rósa Margrét Hjálmarsdóttir 1967
5.12.2016Internationalization readiness - a study of Icelandic SMEs Berglind Hlín Aðalsteinsdóttir 1991
26.8.2015Key success factors for innovative business models Marta Káradóttir 1987
6.7.2016Service quality, national differences, and shopping behaviour at airport commercial area : the case of Keflavik International Airport Bryndís Marteinsdóttir 1981
27.8.2015Standardizing and Adapting the Marketing Mix for Cintamani in China Christine Di Zheng 1982
21.9.2015Strategic and Competitive analysis of Vodafone Faroe Islands : which strategy would be most optimal for Vodafon Faroe Island, to achive highest competitiveness, growth and profitability? Kári Hansen 1974
26.8.2015Supply Chain Collaboration Guy Rodrigue Ghomsi 1982
26.9.2013The Application of the Behavioral Perspective Model and Market Segmentation through an E-mail Marketing Experiment Hinrik Hinriksson 1990
6.7.2016The impact of economics crisis on buying behavior and consumer attitudes Hrund Einarsdóttir 1989
23.1.2012The Internationalization of Boot Camp Sveinbjörg Rut Pétursdóttir
21.6.2017The new celebrities : working with social media influencers Gyða Dröfn Sveinbjörnsdóttir 1992
13.2.2017The peculiar problems of the gaming industry : customer retention in MMOPRGs Müntner, Cindy Sheela, 1985-
22.6.2016The value of data gathering through gamification by a mobile application Alexía Imsland 1992; Sigurgeir Már Sigurðsson 1982
6.7.2016Vakinn, the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism Edda Björg Bjarnadóttir 1989
31.1.2013What International Market Entry Strategy Should Kerecis Follow to Enter Into the Indian Chronic Diabetic Wound Market? Kristjana Welch 1972