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26.8.2015A Brief Mindfulness Meditation Intervention Could Increase Retention of Medical Health Information: An Analogue Study Arnar Guðjón Skúlason 1991
26.8.2015Adolescent Cannabis Use in Relation to Parents and Peers Ísak Stefánsson 1992
27.8.2015Adolescents' Internet Use: Academic Achievement and Well-being Eir Arnbjarnardóttir 1990
1.9.2014Adolescents with Physical Disabilities and Their Wellbeing and Peer Relationships Within Secondary Schools in Iceland Edda Þorvarðardóttir 1992
28.8.2014Effect of a 12-Week Exercise Intervention on Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Community Dwelling Older Adults Kristrún Ólöf Sigurðardóttir 1986
20.8.2015Alcohol Consumption in Individual Sports and Team Sports Andri Guðjohnsen 1989
26.9.2013A pedometer-based physical activity intervention may be effective in increasing daily step-count and improving subjective sleep quality among adolescents Richard Eiríkur Tähtinen 1981
26.9.2013Association between cannabis use and depression : a cross-sectional population study Marteinn Ingason 1978
11.8.2016Associations between childhood sexual abuse, body image and the development of eating disorders Svava Guðrún Helgadóttir 1992
25.8.2015Associations between childhood sexual abuse, substance use and body image Erna Björnsdóttir 1989
24.8.2015A survey of usage of brain-training apps in an Icelandic convenience sample Helga Sunna Gunnarsdóttir 1986
24.9.2013Attitude Measurement and Response Bias in a National-Referendum about a New Icelandic Constitution Sævar Már Gústavsson 1991
11.8.2016Attitudes and beliefs towards mental disorders Sturla Brynjólfsson 1988
11.8.2016Attitudes towards cannabis legalization in Iceland Sigurbjörg Lára Kristinsdóttir 1991
11.8.2016Attitude towards sex offenders : an Icelandic sample of psychology students and the general public Sara Björgvinsdóttir 1992
24.9.2013A Validation Study of the Icelandic Version of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale Erna Karólína Arnardóttir 1989
16.8.2016Believability of negative automatic thoughts : psychometric properties of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire – Modified Version Sævar Már Gústavsson 1991
16.8.2016Body image and eating disorders symptoms among Icelandic athletes Petra Sigurðardóttir 1988
9.8.2016Body image concerns and depressed mood : a study on gender and sexual orientation differences Erna Björk Einarsdóttir 1992
24.8.2015Bursting Your Balloon: Examining Differences in Self-Other Decision Making Using the BART Task Guðrún Carstensdóttir 1991
1.9.2014Children's adjustment in different kinds of custodies Soffía Dóra Sigurðardóttir 1970
16.8.2016Child sexual abuse : the value of children’s testimonies and their influence on prosecutions and convictions. Cases of children aged 3½ to 14, referred to Iceland‘s Children´s House from 1998 to 2012 Linzi Margaret Trosh 1988
10.8.2016Chronological and subjective age among Icelanders : alcohol, self-esteem, positive and negative affect Helga Maren Pálsdóttir 1993
24.8.2015Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS): Improving academic performance among college students with PTSD symptoms Katrín Mjöll Halldórsdóttir 1991
15.8.2016Cognitive function and social cognition in young first-episode psychosis patients Arnar Ingi Friðriksson 1989
28.8.2014Cognitive Performance during Pregnancy Margrét Anna Ágústsdóttir 1991
24.9.2013Comparison between face-to-face bullying and cyber-bullying amongst elementary school students and how they cope Stefán Örn Guðmundsson 1982
16.8.2016Comparison of the effects of short interventions on enhancement of physical activity and symptoms of depression and anxiety Lilja Rún Tumadóttir 1984
15.8.2016Confabulation and false memory in young first-episode psychosis patients and normal controls Andri Hrafn Sigurðsson 1989
25.8.2015Consumers’ Choice of Attributes on Healthy Food in a Behavioral Perspective using Conjoint Analysis and Qualitative Research Brynjar Þór Hreggviðsson 1985
28.8.2014Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, and Purchasing Behavior in Retail Stores: The Effects of Patience and Service Hildur Benediktsdóttir 1990
10.8.2016Cyberbullying among adolescents : bullies and victims associated with parental relations, online usage time and gender differences Nína Björk Gísladóttir 1990
23.9.2013Cyber bullying, traditional bullying and depression Guðrún Inga Baldursdóttir 1987
26.9.2013Dale Carnegie Training: The Effects on Self-esteem Helena Helgadóttir 1990
16.8.2016Depression among older adults in Iceland : examining the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) Þóra Kristín Flygenring 1990
11.8.2016Depression and anxiety in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder : moderating and mediation effects of self-esteem and social support Stefanía Jónsdóttir 1990
28.8.2014Depression and obesity among untreated people, diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome Petra Lind Sigurðardóttir 1988
26.8.2015Determinants of happiness among secondary school students in Iceland Kristbjörg T. Haraldsdóttir 1976
1.9.2014Difference between effects of norms on academic achievement in the Hjalli movement compared with others coeducational schools Hrönn Árnadóttir 1990
23.9.2013Distress in Spouse of Prostate Cancer Patient: Relationship between Social Constraints, Avoidance, and Intrusive Thoughts Þyri Ásta Hafsteinsdóttir 1971
1.9.2014Does happy mood increase dishonesty in the cheap talk sender-receiver game? Elín Þórhallsdóttir 1977
28.8.2014Does the amount of physical activity have effect on adolescent depression and is there a gender difference? Guðný Hrund Þórðardóttir 1975
10.8.2016Does upward or downward social comparison reflect on athlete’s self-esteem or body image? Marteinn Andrason 1992
11.8.2016Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy compared to physical exercise as a follow-up treatment to prevent depressive relapse and maintain recovery Sif Jónsdóttir 1985
28.8.2014Effects of bullying on symptoms of depression and anxiety, the importance of parental support Elísa Þorsteinsdóttir 1989
11.8.2016Effects of diet behaviour and sport participation on body image and body shame Sigrún Sesselja Morthens 1991
24.8.2015Effects of parental and peer support on self- esteem in adolescents Helga Hafdís Gunnarsdóttir 1990
28.8.2014Effects of Poor Subjective Sleep Quality on Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety among Adolescents Kristín Gunnarsdóttir 1986
26.9.2013Effects of programming in relation to working memory span on cognitive ability Silja Runólfsdóttir 1990
26.9.2013Effects of sport participation on adolescent self-esteem and body-image: differences in gender and types of sports explored Birgir Páll Ómarsson 1989
1.9.2014Einstaklingsmiðuð stuðningsáætlun til að draga úr einni óæskilegri hegðun og auka eina æskilega hegðun Hjördís Unnur Másdóttir 1974
11.8.2016Environmental Psychology: The Effect of a Scenery with Water on Psychological Restoration with a Consideration of Weather Conditions Sólrún Ósk Unnsteinsdóttir 1992
26.9.2013Experimental Analysis of Facebook Marketing Using Conjoint Analysis and Eye Scanning Hildur Einarsdóttir 1985
26.8.2015Explicit and Implicit Attitude Tests Examining Attitude Towards Obese People Among Undergraduate Psychology Students Tinna Brá Sigurðardóttir 1990
11.8.2016Extra letterspace as visual cues to improve reading : evidence from eye movement Þorkatla Elín Sigurðardóttir 1977
9.8.2016Facebook "mommy groups" : upward and downward social comparison Guðrún Helga Guðlaugsdóttir 1990
28.8.2014Facebook Use Amongst Adolescents in Iceland: The Effects on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction Katerina Inga Lionaraki 1991
11.8.2016Facebook use and the association with self-esteem and depression Ragnhildur Tinna Jakobsdóttir 1990
24.8.2015Gambling Behavior and Lotto Participation in Iceland: A Comparison before and after the Economic Collapse in 2008 Gunnur H. Stefánsdóttir 1988
1.9.2014Hemodynamic Reactivity to Psychological Stress in Young Adults with a Family History of Stroke Fjóla Huld Sigurðardóttir 1989
26.8.2015Mental simulation of Action: Does Working Memory Capacity Affect Mental Simulation when Solving a Meaningful Task with an Ultimate Goal? Huldís Franksdóttir Daly 1968
24.9.2013Icelandic Norms for Verbal Fluency Tests Dorothea Pálsdóttir 1987
24.9.2013Impact of Mood State and Personality Trait Characteristics on Attentional Bias Ragnheiður K Hjálmarsdóttir 1987
26.9.2013Impact of physical activity on academic performance and depression Helga Gunnólfsdóttir 1986
24.8.2015Importance of Social Media in Online Marketing and Use of Eye-Tracking Methods in Online Shopping Daria Rudkova 1991
10.8.2016Improving waste sorting behavior in a university environment with visual prompt stimulus Óskar Ólafsson 1991
26.8.2015Incorporating Mindfulness Intervention into Health Related Educational Intervention: Does it help? Ragna Margrét Brynjarsdóttir 1990
28.8.2014Influencing Factors of Delayed Alcohol Consumption Among Adolescent in Secondary School Valgerður Steingrímsdóttir 1987
9.8.2016Is body shaming predicting poor physical health and is there a gender difference? Eva Lind Fells Elíasdóttir 1992
20.8.2015Quality of life among Icelandic people with intellectual disabilities: Exploring positive characteristics Margrét Brynja Guðmundsdóttir 1992
9.8.2016Mental skills and stress Rreaction : comparison between Icelandic elite and non-elite athletes in 2016 Ásgerður Ragnarsdóttir 1989
24.9.2013Normative Scores on the Trail Making Test for the Icelandic Population Ásmundur Pálsson 1988
11.8.2016Norms for the Icelandic version of the ACE-III : effects of age and education Una Sólveig Jóakimsdóttir 1992
24.8.2015Parental Divorce, Family Conflict and Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Hildur Pálmarsdóttir 1992
1.9.2014Parental Support as a Mediating Factor in the Relationship Between ADHD Symptoms and Self-Esteem Stefana Kristín Ólafsdóttir 1983
10.8.2016Parental support as a protective factor in alpha amylase and cortisol reactivity among Icelandic youth María Ósk Sverrisdóttir 1991
25.8.2015Pathways to Risky Sexual Behavior: The differential effects of Body Image and Self-Esteem on Risky Sexual Behavior across Gender Among Icelandic Adolescents Rakel Rut Björnsdóttir 1990
23.9.2013Personality characteristics associated with susceptibility to false memories Andri Hrafn Sigurðsson 1989
24.8.2015Physical activity on prescription (PAP) as a resource of treatment in Iceland: General practitioners’ view Laufey Ásta Guðmundsdóttir 1989
10.8.2016Posttraumatic growth amongst community volunteers in Indonesia following the Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006 Hildur Skúladóttir 1991
9.8.2016Prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms among football players at a top level in Iceland Emil Pálsson 1993
15.8.2016Prior pregnancy loss : mental health during and after subsequent pregnancies Guðrún Soffía Gísladóttir 1969
16.8.2016Psychometric properties of the Icelandic version of the Calgary depression scale for schizophrenia Þorri Snæbjörnsson 1987
16.8.2016Psychometric properties of the Icelandic manchester short assessment of quality of life (MANSA) and its possible utility in Iceland Óttar Guðbjörn Birgisson 1984
1.9.2014Psychometric Properties of the Icelandic Version of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 Rósa Ingólfsdóttir 1988
10.8.2016Public knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer´s disease in Iceland Katrín Eyjólfsdóttir 1992
24.8.2015Recidivism among Icelandic Prison Inmates Released in 2009-2011 Kjartan Örn Yeoman 1990
17.2.2016Reducing Vocal Stereotypic Behavior in a Child with Fragile X Syndrome by Implementing the Response Interruption and Redirection (RIRD) Method Dagbjört Helgadóttir 1993
25.8.2015Reduction in Self-Esteem and Self-Evaluation Following Upward Social Comparison on Facebook: Depression as a Moderator Helga Margrét Ólafsdóttir 1990
24.8.2015Relationship between self-esteem, body image and well-being and achievement in school: A comparison between single-sex and mixed-sex classes. Hildur Harðardóttir 1989
24.8.2015Risk Factors Leading to Teenage Pregnancy Elín Guðmundsdóttir 1991
11.8.2016Schizophrenia, cognition and aging : mapping cognitive deficits and the relationship between test performance and aging Vaka Valsdóttir 1989
9.8.2016Self-efficacy beliefs and young people's political participation Bjarki Þór Grönfeldt 1994
16.2.2017Sexual abuse and excessive alcohol use among Icelandic adolescents in and out of high school Halldóra Ársælsdóttir 1992
10.8.2016Sexual double standard in Icelandic society : effects of gender, sexual history and the impact on self-esteem and depression Íris Hilmarsdóttir 1994
24.9.2013Sexually abusive behaviour among young sexual abused or physical abused Icelandic males and females: The mediating effect of anger and depressed mood Sandra Sif Sæmundsdóttir 1990
25.8.2015Sexual minority and depression: The moderating role of parental support Þórdís Gísladóttir 1991
11.8.2016Social comparison on Facebook : effects on state self-esteem, self-evaluation and affective states Tinna Rós Rudolfsdóttir 1990
25.8.2015Social Network Site Usage Among Adolescents: Effects on Mental and Physical Well-being Guðrún Alma Einarsdóttir 1988
23.9.2013Social support among Icelandic teenage mothers vs. Icelandic teenage non-mothers: Exploring academic achievements and psychological well-being. Dögg Guðjohnsen Ásgeirsdóttir 1983
23.9.2013Social Support as a Predictor of Sexually Abused Adolescents’ Happiness Hrefna Hrund Erlingsdóttir 1989
16.8.2016Some psychometric properties of the Icelandic versions of very Short Health Anxiety Inventory (VSHAI) and the Medically Unexplained Symptoms Checklist (MUSC) Jón Viðar Viðarsson 1986
1.9.2014Sports Participation and Mental Health among Adolescents Bjarney Björnsdóttir 1978
9.8.2016Stalking victimization : survey in the Icelandic general public Dagný Dögg Bæringsdóttir 1983
9.8.2016Strategic sonsensus, information flow, and implementation success : implementing 4DX in an Icelandic transporting company Edda Sif Oddsdóttir 1992
10.8.2016Supplement use and attitudes towards supplementation with vitamins, minerals and protein powder among a Facebook community and university students Hildur Ósk Gunnlaugsdóttir 1988
26.8.2015Sleep difficulties and the relationship with depression, anxiety and stress in women Ásrún Á. Jónsdóttir 1986
26.9.2013The Application of the Behavioral Perspective Model and Market Segmentation through an E-mail Marketing Experiment Hinrik Hinriksson 1990
11.8.2016The association between family structures and depressive symptoms among children Sunneva Reynisdóttir 1992
10.8.2016The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction Indíana Rós Ægisdóttir 1992
24.8.2015The Behavior Perspective Model and Healthy Food Marketing Online: Experiment Using Conjoint Analysis and E-mail Marketing Ólafur Þór Jónsson 1992
1.9.2014The Combined Effect of Physical Activity and Alcohol Consumption on Life Satisfaction in Adolescence Breki Steinn Mánason 1991
26.8.2015The Difference Between Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Towards People with Disability Among Psychology Students Alda Magnúsdóttir Jacobsen 1992
24.8.2015The Difference in Depression and Anxiety Rate between Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians: A National Study among Icelandic Adolescents Karen Gréta Minney Pétursdóttir 1993
10.8.2016The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy follow-up based on mindfulness compared to physical exercise Katrín Sara Hinriksdóttir 1988
10.8.2016The effect of body image and physical activity on depressive symptoms : a study on Icelandic adolescent girls and boys Lovísa Dagmar Guðfinnsdóttir 1993
15.8.2016The effect of depression and alcohol abuse on social economic decision making Elvar Friðriksson 1986
1.9.2014The effect of mood induction in Gneezy´s interpersonal cheap talk game Maria Csizmás 1977
1.9.2014The Effect of Organized Sports and Wellbeing on Academic Achievements Þórir Kristjánsson 1989
28.8.2014The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Adolescents as Associated with Substance Abuse, Depression and Anger Sara Mjöll Skjaldardóttir 1990
17.2.2016The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Self-esteem Among Adolescents: The Impact of Gender, Parental Support and Type of Perpetrator Íris Hildur Birgisdóttir 1990
1.9.2014The Effects of Family Status on Applicants' Hiring Likelihood in Iceland Ásdís Svava Hallgrímsdóttir 1987
28.8.2014The Effects of Overweight and Obesity on Depression, Anxiety and Bullying among Adolescent Females Erna Ýr Styrkársdóttir 1989
9.8.2016The effects of sexuality on depression and self-harm amongst adolescents Gabriela Sigurðardóttir 1990
24.8.2015The effects of sleep deprivation and quality of sleep on cognitive performance and mental wellbeing María Ósk Stefánsdóttir 1991
10.8.2016The effects of the crisis in 2008 on the health of the Icelandic population Harpa Einarsdóttir 1993
20.8.2015The Effects that Sports and other Organized Activities have on School Grades and Drug Use among Adolescents Rakel Steinsen 1990
15.8.2016The Icelandic translation of the Bath Adolescent Pain - Parental Impact Questionnaire (BAP-PIQ) : preliminary psychometric properties of multidimensional measures for parents of adolescents with chronic pain to assess the impact on parents Halla Ruth Halldórsdóttir 1987
16.8.2016The Icelandic translation of the Bath Adolescent Pain Questionnaires (BAPQ and BAPQ-P): Preliminary psychometric properties of multidimensional measures for adolescents with chronic pain and their parents to assess the impact of chronic pain on the adolescents Silja Björg Halldórsdóttir 1987
16.8.2016The impact of adverse life events on the evaluation of obsessive-compulsive disorder in the postpartum period Thelma Sif Sævarsdóttir 1987
24.9.2013The Impact of Optimism and Pessimism on the Creation of False Memories: Gender Differences Arnar Ingi Friðriksson 1989
18.11.2013The impact of physical activity on self-esteem and how it may affect adolescents living under family conflict Edona Hoda 1987
26.8.2015The Impact of Screen-Use on Cognitive Function: A Pilot Study Jóhanna Ásta Þórarinsdóttir 1992
26.9.2013The impact of social constraints and intrusive thoughts on distress among newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients Bryndís Dögg Steindórsdóttir 1986
10.8.2016The impact of warning and working memory span on the creation of false memories Katrín Grímsdóttir 1991
10.8.2016The Importance of Social Cognition:The impact of age, gender and personality on Social Cognition Hrönn Gauksdóttir 1986
18.11.2013The influence of cognitive abilities and anxiety on academic achievement among 10 and 11 year old children in elementary school Ásta Björg Magnúsdóttir 1989
9.8.2016The interplay between perceived social support, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and substance use in a trauma-exposed sample Anna Margrét Hrólfsdóttir 1992
16.8.2016The psychometric properties of the Icelandic version of the preschool anxiety scale-revised Heiða Rut Guðmundsdóttir 1987
28.8.2014The Relationship between Facebook Use and Loneliness: A Comparison Between High-School Students and University Students Anita Brá Ingvadóttir 1989
23.9.2013The Relationship between Marital Communication, Distress, and Intimacy for Spouses of Prostate Cancer Patients Þóra Kristín Flygenring 1990
25.8.2015The relationship between physical activity and symptoms of depression among adolescents Sigríður Ósk Fanndal 1982
26.8.2015The Relationship between Positive and Negative Personality Traits and Cognitive Performance: Memory and Attention Sandra Blöndal 1991
25.8.2015The relationship between social networking sites and adolescents social involvement: participation in offline activities and the role of social support Sandra Rós Steinarsdóttir 1988
9.8.2016The role of incubation in creative problem solving when controlling for artistic inclination Erna Sólrún Haraldsdóttir 1992
28.8.2014The Role of Parental Attachment and High Screen Use Edith Gunnarsdóttir 1974
10.8.2016The role of physical activity and unhealthy diet on ADHD symptoms and emotional well-being in adolescents diagnosed with ADHD Lára Borg Bolladóttir 1993
9.8.2016The roles of working memory, figural fluency, and incubation in creative problem solving Eydís Arnardóttir 1993
6.3.2014The short-term effect of Methylphenidate on swim speed in zebrafish larvae Dóra Dögg Kristófersdóttir 1983
16.8.2016The status of transsexual people in Iceland : sociodemographic and clinical characteristics, psychological well-being, self-esteem and quality of life Katrín Ella Jónsdóttir 1987
26.9.2013The Stroop Color-Word test: Norms for an Icelandic population Haukur Ingimarsson 1986
28.8.2014Time Perception, Acceptable Wait, Patience, and Reneging Behavior in Tele-Queues Brynhildur Laufey Brynjarsdóttir 1991
9.8.2016Turnover intention : what influences turnover among employees in healthcare? Ástrós Lea Guðlaugsdóttir 1993
23.9.2013Using Herzberg´s Two Factor Theory of Motivation-Hygiene in Employee Satisfaction Surveys Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson 1977
1.9.2014Using Objective Measures of Customer Waiting Time to Correct Self-Reported Patience Sigríður Ósk Ólafsdóttir 1989
26.8.2015Using Survival-Analysis to Assess Reneging Behavior: Correcting Self-Reported Maximum Impatience Sigrún Ósk Jakobsdóttir 1989
23.9.2013Using Video Modeling via iPad to Improve the Participation of a Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Reciprocal Play with Peers Elín Anna Baldursdóttir 1988
9.8.2016Video game play among adolescents : gender differences and effects on anger and physical aggression Anna Jóna Reynisdóttir 1991
16.2.2017Wellbeing and self-esteem in Icelandic adolescents and the elderly Karen Sif Óskarsdóttir 1992
16.2.2017What defines the “typical” sex offence perpetrated by juveniles in Iceland? : an analysis of their sexual offending behaviour Anna Sofía Rosdahl 1993
15.8.2016Where are they now? Long-term outcome of children with autism who received early intervention during their preschool years : a pilot study of 15 young adults Birta Brynjarsdóttir 1987
11.8.2016Women's purchase intention for organic skin care products Stefanía Bergmann Magnúsdóttir 1991
28.8.2014Working memory span and ADHD symptoms Helga Bjarkadóttir 1989