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25.1.2012A Face Recognition Plug-in for the PhotoCube Browser Kristján Rúnarsson
2.10.2015A First Attempt on the Distributed Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem Rossetti, Niccolò G., 1985-
12.9.2012Contributions to the meta-theory of structural operational semantics Cimini, Matteo, 1981-
31.5.2013Downsampling Time Series for Visual Representation Sveinn Steinarsson 1979
25.1.2011Gradual focus : a method for automated feature discovery in selective search Pálmi Skowronski
11.2.2016Introducing Heuristic Function Evaluation Framework Nera Nešić 1990
24.1.2011Approximation algorithms for independent set problems on hypergraphs Losievskaja, Elena; Elena Losievskaja
1.10.2012On the Effects of Buoyancy on Passive Particle Motions in the Convective Boundary Layer from the Lagrangian Viewpoint Bouhlali, Lahcen, 1975-
15.4.2011An Interacting Particle Model and Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: Analysis and Applications Baldvin Einarsson 1981
8.11.2010Automating the manual process of scheduling jobs in prepared plans for a pharmaceutical company Guðrún Sjöfn Axelsdóttir
28.1.2016Reference Graph Construction and Merging for Human Genomic Sequences Schiller, Tom Willy, 1989-
28.8.2013Sorting operators and their preimages Hjalti Magnússon 1986
3.2.2014The security properties of in-network aggression Kristján Valur Jónsson 1966
14.6.2013Tölulegir reikningar á Ising líkani Árni Johnsen 1991
10.3.2011Meta-Heuristics in Multi-core Environments Ragnar Magnús Ragnarsson
1.6.2012Rollout Algorithms for Job-Shop Scheduling Einar Geirsson 1987
27.8.2014Wind optimization of flight profiles through the Reykjavik control area Ninna Björg Ólafsdóttir 1988