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Titlar 376 til 400 af 796
21.1.2015The Iraq war: Discourse analysis of Christopher Hitchens and Noam Chomsky Einar Logi Erlingsson 1988
6.5.2009The Japanese business model, and how globalization is changing it. Is change necessary for Japanese companies? Daníel Jón Guðjónsson 1985
10.5.2012The Japanese economy. A return to growth Hinrik Örn Hinriksson 1986
7.9.2012The Language of Birds in Old Norse Tradition Bourns, Timothy, 1987-
10.5.2013The Language of Nature. A research paper on the effectiveness of outdoor language learning Kristján Sigurðsson 1989
3.5.2013The left-right dimension in the minds of Icelandic voters 1987-2009 Hulda Þórisdóttir 1974
30.1.2012The location of innovation education in Icelandic compulsory schools Svanborg Rannveig Jónsdóttir 1953
21.1.2014The Machine Anton Sturla Antonsson 1991
4.6.2009The Madness of Sanity. A Study of Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night Einar Steinn Valgarðsson 1984
6.9.2012The Maiden, The Mother and the Other One. The Satirical Use of Stereotypes within Terry Pratchett‘s Witches Series Lovísa Gylfadóttir 1982
5.5.2015The main principles of the WTO. Research on interpretation Áslaug Lára Lárusdóttir 1988
8.5.2012The Male Suitor in the 19th Century British Novel: The Gentlemanly Behavior of the Suitor and his Pursuit for the one True Love Elísabet S.K. Ágústsdóttir 1981
12.5.2014The Market for Forward Contracts on Oil in Iceland. An assessment of market activity Sigurður Ágúst Jakobsson 1991
13.9.2011The Marketing Concept, the Elements of Marketing and the Effect of Market Orientation. Research into the market orientation of advertising agencies in Iceland Sturla Sigurðsson 1969
28.9.2012The mediating impact of money motives in the association between materialism and well-being Nína María Saviolidis 1984
15.5.2012The Merits of Multicultural Literature: Exploring the inherent values of Multicultural Literature and the need for its inclusion in children’s early reading books Jonsson, Letetia B., 1962-
12.1.2012The migration of doctors following Iceland’s economic collapse. Is Iceland facing a brain drain? Kerul, Alina, 1976-
12.10.2008The miraculuous water of Guðmundr Arason and the limits of holiness in medieval Iceland Anderson, Joel 1982-
9.6.2011The Missing Link in EU Democracy? Why a Transnational Public Sphere Matters Maximilian Conrad
6.5.2013The Moral Hazard of Humanitarian Intervention: The Victims of Genocidal Violence as Risk-Takers and Fraudsters? Sverrir Steinsson 1990
7.9.2011The Moral Problematic as a Recurring Theme in Robert Louis Stevenson's Novels: The Master of Ballantrae and Kidnapped Liprini, Luca, 1985-
17.3.2015The most frequently lost allelic site in human renal cell carcinoma (D3F15S2) on the short arm of chromosome 3 has homologous sequences on rat chromosome 8 Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956; Erlandsson, Rikard, 1958-; Szpirer, Josiane; Islam, M. Quamrul; Boldog, Ferenc; Klein, George, 1925-
24.6.2008The Multiple Intelligence Theory in English Language Teaching : Theme-based lesson plans on Halloween Anna Svava Sólmundardóttir
23.1.2015The myc gene family proteins and their role in transformation and differentiation Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956
10.5.2013The Nature of Evil in The Silmarillion Lesniewska, Kamila, 1978-