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Titlar 1 til 25 af 29
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2.3.2015Celtic Influence on the Isle of Wight Dialect of British English Rayner, James, 1992-
12.5.2014Changing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Thor Michael Bergur Leaman 1991
20.10.2008Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. A Thief or a Victim? Didelyté, Dovilé 1979
8.5.2012Chasing Your Tale: On Working Title and the Creative Journey Inga Mekkin Guðmundsdóttir Beck 1988
5.5.2010Chaucer’s female characters in the Canterbury Tales: Born to thralldom and penance, and to been under mannes governance Særún Gestsdóttir 1978
11.9.2014Childhood´s trauma in The Go - Between and Atonement. An analysis of children’s psychosexual development in the novels by L. P. Hartley and Ian McEwan Irina Björk Filimonova 1988
10.5.2016Children's first language acquisition: What is needed for children to acquire language? Erla Björk Guðlaugsdóttir 1990
9.5.2012China's foreign policy: Noninterference, peaceful coexistence and the preservation of national interests Biedermann, Tobias, 1985-
11.5.2012China's Modern Emperors. A look at China‘s government Helgi Steinar Gunnlaugsson 1989
7.9.2012China´s Urban Development in the Post-Reform Era. The Chinese City and the Emerging Mega City in Wake of the Open Door Policy Elfar Pétursson 1988
21.1.2015Chinese investments in Iceland: Opinions and opportunities Tung Phuong Vu 1989
20.1.2014Cinderella Theme in Mansfield Park. A None Magical Fairy Tale Ending Pardillo Juarez, Rhea, 1984-
21.1.2013Claude Cahun: Birtingarmynd sjálfsins í ljósmyndum og textum Sonja Margrét Ólafsdóttir 1988
22.2.2010Claude Lévi-Strauss. Le penseur du XXème siècle? Haraldur Ólafsson 1930
13.5.2014Coaching and Corruption. A Study of the Cinematic Presentation of the Abuse of NCAA Regulations for College Sports in America in the Films The Program and Blue Chips Arnar Þór Jónsson 1982
13.9.2011Colette et sa venue à l’écriture. Le phallocentrisme, les oppositions binaires et l’écriture féminine dans le cycle des Claudine Hjördís Alda Hreiðarsdóttir 1986
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17.11.2011Concepts of nothingness and their relation to classic laws of thought Bergur Þorgeirsson 1981
8.5.2013Conceptual metaphors in perception verbs: A comparative analysis in English and Icelandic Ása Bryndís Gunnarsdóttir 1986
28.4.2017Contacto de lenguas: El árabe y el español Ejemplos de arabismos en alemán e islandés Guðrún Rögnvaldardóttir 1958
10.9.2010Contemporary Popular Beliefs in Japan Lára Ósk Hafbergsdóttir 1984
28.4.2009Counting trumps: The language of the card game Bridge and its status as a variety of English Sigurbjörn Haraldsson 1979