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Fjölmiðlar og afbrot
Written by
Jón Heiðar Gunnarsson 1981

The topic of this research and thesis is to explore the relationship between media and crime, as well as to try to answer the following research question: „Is there a logical association between the crime rate and media coverage in Iceland?“ The answer is based on a quantitative research study wh... (928 characters more)

Flogaveiki fyrr á öldum: Sjúkdómurinn, lækningar og viðhorf á Íslandi á 17., 18. og 19. öld
Written by
Brynhildur Lea Ragnarsdóttir 1992

Viðfangsefni ritgerðarinnar er flogaveiki á Íslandi á 17., 18. og 19. öld með áherslu á sjúkdóminn sjálfan, sem og lækningar við honum og viðhorf Íslendinga til hans. Rannsakað er hvort að flogaveiki hafi verið þekkt á Íslandi á þessum þremur öldum, hver meðferðin var við henni og hvernig litið v... (1,079 characters more)

Small scale electricity production from low temperature geothermal resources using organic rankine cycle
Written by
Emilía Valdimarsdóttir 1986

The most common use of geothermal energy for electricity production is by using the fluid in it's vapor state. Low temperature geothermal sources in liquid form are, in many areas in Iceland, used for district heating. Another possible utilization of the low temperature geothermal resource is to ... (1,443 characters more)

Wind power integration in Iceland : impacts on the Icelandic regulating power market
Written by
Felix Rolf Michel, 1991-

Electricity production in Iceland today is almost entirely renewable by utilizing geothermal and hydropower resources. In recent years yet another renewable energy technology became center of the debate: Wind power. By experience of other countries such as Germany and Denmark it is known that win... (1,065 characters more)

Geothermal Energy: Silica precipitation and utilization
Written by
Aníta Hauksdóttir 1990

Silica precipitation experiments have been ongoing at the Reykjanes geothermal power plant, Iceland, since 2011. Silica samples were obtained from the field and thoroughly investigated to estimate the silica’s potential as a marketable product. Targeted applications were studied in detail and the... (2,133 characters more)