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Áhrif náttúrlegra áreita á vinnsluminni. Umhverfissálfræði
Written by
Birkir Svan Ólafsson 1991

Í þessari rannsókn er leitast við að skoða áhrif náttúrlegra áreita og skrifstofuhávaða á verkefnavinnu sem krefst vinnsluminnis. Þátttakendur (n = 48) fengu að sjá skrifstofuherbergi án og með nátttúrlegum áreitum í gegnum sýndarveruleikagleraugu en helmingur þátttakenda var einnig með skrifstof... (649 characters more)

Heat transfer in volcanic settings: Application to lava-ice interaction and geothermal areas
Written by
Björn Oddsson 1980

The theme of this thesis is the study of heat transfer from lava or hot rocks where water, including ice melt, is the main medium transferring heat to the surroundings. This is done through (1) laboratory studies of lava-ice and rock-water interaction, (2) observations and analysis of the progres... (2,162 characters more)

La motivación en la enseñanza de ELE a través del cine. Una propuesta didáctica con la serie de televisión "Vientos de agua"
Written by
Piernas, Maria Usero, 1987-

This thesis is a study about motivation and affect in language learning. It also describes the advantages of the use of audiovisual tools in teaching Spanish as a second language. This use serves as a motivational and educational resource for the student. We will study the characteristics of moti... (826 characters more)

Constraints on deformation processes in Iceland from space geodesy: seasonal load variations, plate spreading, volcanoes and geothermal fields
Written by
Drouin, Vincent, 1989-

Iceland is subject to many ground deformation processes. High levels of volcanic and tectonic activity are caused by a hotspot underlain by excessive mantle upwelling interacting with a divergent plate boundary on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Glacial isostatic adjustments (GIA) induced by the melting ... (2,801 characters more)

Online customer engagement on Twitter : the case of Icelandair
Written by
Helena Gunnars Marteinsdóttir 1988

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing on social media is becoming increasingly important because social media platforms constitute a significant and growing segment of marketing activities for many industries, including the airline industry. Little research exists on how airlines can develop t... (1,379 characters more)