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What is the importance and role of food in modern Japanese society? Why is Japanese food classified as world heritage and what makes Japanese food stand apart from the food culture of other countries?
Written by
César Vladimir Rodríguez Cedillo 1992

In Japanese society, a meal goes beyond the food and eating it. It is known that Japanese food was influenced by China and Korea due to the geographical proximity. Traditional food is an important aspect of the culture and it is considered a world heritage. Thus, a traditional meal is not only ai... (1,664 characters more)

Íslenski atferlislistinn: Þáttabygging í úrtaki feðra 3-5 ára barna
Written by
Fjóla Dís Markúsdóttir 1990

Íslenski atferlislistinn er frumsaminn listi og er þroskamiðað mat á hegðun og líðan barna. Listinn, í þeirri mynd sem hann var lagður fyrir í þessu úrtaki, samanstóð af 90 atriðum sem saman meta félags-, tilfinninga- og siðferðisþroska barna. Hann hefur ekki verið lagður fyrir í núverandi mynd á... (1,666 characters more)

Je est un autre

Written by
Felicia Mariana Pralea 1984

Mon mémoire a pour but de débattre le thème du dilemme identitaire auquel sont confrontés les gens qui quittent leur pays natal et qui ne cessent d’être en recherche de soi, piégés entre leur pays d’origine et le pays où ils vivent à présent. À l’appui de cela, je vais utiliser les entretiens ave... (1,499 characters more)

The relationship between pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and dysfunctional breathing: A case study
Written by
Guðný Þóra Guðnadóttir 1991; Klara Einarsdóttir 1992

Introduction: Breathing is a coordinated movement of the upper and lower chest and the abdomen. Dysfunctional breathing happens when this coordinated movement is disturbed. When the space between the abdominal muscles is increased it is called Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA). DRA can affect muscl... (1,700 characters more)

Screening for viruses in Atlantic salmon in Iceland. ISAV, PMCV and PRV
Written by
Harpa Mjöll Gunnarsdóttir 1978

With increasing culture in net pens around Iceland, the need for information on the status regarding pathogens that are common in aquaculture around the North-Atlantic Ocean is obvious. The aim of the survey was to screen groups of wild and cultured Atlantic salmon for three viruses. These are in... (1,831 characters more)