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Sep 30, 2014Optimization for sustainable utilization of low temperature geothermal systems Silja Rán Sigurðardóttir 1982
Feb 10, 2014Electrifying Straetó: How to Make it Happen Nina Victoria Rangel Ortiz 1985
Aug 30, 2012Greenhouse climate model : an aid to estimate the influence of supplemental lighting on greenhouse climate Binotto, Marco 1987
Aug 29, 2012High Resolution Simulation of a Vacuum Microdiode Pálmar Jónsson 1986
Feb 13, 2014Hönnun og smíði á pyrolysis kerfi til endurvinnslu á hjólbörðum Jóhannes Einar Valberg 1977
Feb 9, 2015Implementation of a new energy storage system for a high altitude long endurance aircraft Stefanie Dagner 1988
Mar 15, 2011Nuclear Power Plants and Sustainability Timo Martti Heikki Koivumäki
Feb 18, 2016Numerical modeling of the Hágöngur Geothermal Reservoir in Central Iceland Muguruza, Ximena Guardia, 1989-
Mar 10, 2016Optimal Well Placement in the Theistareykir Geothermal Field for the Next Well in Succession Jefferies, Basil Alxeander Ira, 1990-
Feb 11, 2016Space-charge dynamics in microdiodes Marjan Ilkov 1983
Aug 1, 2012Selecting optimum location and type of wind turbines in Iceland Kristbjörn Helgason 1979
Jan 12, 2017Thermal front velocity modelling and lumped parameter simulation Achou, Yapi Donatien, 1976-
Feb 10, 2015The Role of Uncertainty for Lumped Parameter Modeling and Optimization of Low Temperature Geothermal Resources Sven Scholtysik 1985
Feb 18, 2016Tracer testing in the Svartsengi geothermal field in 2015 Sigrún Sverrisdóttir 1990