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Oct 18, 2011A comparative study of geothermal pipeline route selectio methods with visual effects optimization Sigurjón Norberg Kjærnested 1985
Oct 3, 2012A Coupled Wellbore-Reservoir Simulator utilizing Measured Wellhead Conditions Halldóra Guðmundsdóttir 1987
Sep 30, 2011The effects of different precooling techniques and improved packaging design on fresh fish temperature control Kristín Líf Valtýsdóttir 1985
Aug 23, 2011Effect of Well Diameter on Productivity of High Temperature Geothermal Wells Kjartan Dór Kjartansson 1984
Oct 13, 2014Airflow and energy analysis in geothermally heated conveyor drying of fishbone Magnús Kári Ingvarsson 1988
Sep 30, 2014Optimization for sustainable utilization of low temperature geothermal systems Silja Rán Sigurðardóttir 1982
Mar 22, 2011A lumped parameter modelling method for high-temerature geothermal reservoirs Björn Sveinbjörnsson
May 14, 2014Analysis of Heat Transfer in Air Cooled Condensers Sigríður Bára Ingadóttir 1990
Mar 31, 2010Coupled geothermal reservoir-wellbore simulation with a case study for the Námafjall field, N-Iceland Rivera Ayala, Manuel Alejandro, 1979-
Feb 27, 2015Design of Steam Gathering System for Menengai Geothermal Field, Kenya Onyango, Stephen Odhiambo, 1980-
Jun 6, 2013Electrically powered drying of fish meal Magnús Valgeir Gíslason 1986
Feb 5, 2013Estimation of Slip Ratios for Pressure Drop Calculations in Geothermal Wells Þóra Hlín Þórisdóttir 1986
Jun 3, 2011Flow Analysis of a Rotating Tidal Turbine Blade using a Dynamic Mesh Vigfús Arnar Jósefsson 1984
Oct 5, 2011Detection of fouling in heat exchangers Oddgeir Guðmundsson 1981
Jun 8, 2011Guidelines for optimum gas extraction system selection Teke Millachine, Mauricio Andrés, 1981-
Oct 1, 2014Headloss in two phase flow of water and steam in geothermal gathering pipe systems Ingi Heimisson 1982
Apr 25, 2012Modelling of temperature changes during transport of fresh fish products Björn Margeirsson 1979
May 31, 2012Temperature control during containerised sea transport of fresh fish Sæmundur Elíasson 1977
Oct 3, 2011Improved Power Production Efficiency of Hydrothermal Reservoirs Using Downhole Pumps Drader, Daniel John, 1983-
Apr 28, 2014Improvements in conveyor drying of rockweed and kelp Matthildur María Guðmundsdóttir 1990
Jun 1, 2012Modeling and Analysis of a Horizontal Direct Chill Casting Process Garðar Garðarsson 1984
Oct 14, 2013Motion analysis for Arctic char and Atlantic salmon Sæþór Ásgeirsson 1983
Jun 11, 2009Nonlinear Finite Element Model of a Geothermal Well Lilja Magnúsdóttir 1984
May 28, 2014Numerical analysis of heat transfer in fish containers Steinar Geirdal Snorrason 1989
Sep 11, 2013Nýting ísogskerfa fyrir Nesfisk og Skinnfisk Þorsteinn Hauksson 1985
May 25, 2011Optimization of Electrical Power Production from High Temperature Geothermal Fields with respect to Silica Scaling Problems Nugroho, Andi Joko, 1977-
Sep 23, 2014Verification of design models for geothermal power plants Árni Jakob Ólafsson 1988
May 20, 2014Reservoir Evaluation and Modelling of the Eburru Geothermal System, Kenya Mwarania, Felix Mutugi, 1982-
Sep 30, 2011Structural and Stress Analysis of a High Temperature Geothermal Wellhead Árni Ólafsson 1983
Feb 10, 2015The Role of Uncertainty for Lumped Parameter Modeling and Optimization of Low Temperature Geothermal Resources Sven Scholtysik 1985
May 24, 2011Uppfærsla rafbíls og útfærsla miðstöðvar Rafn Magnús Jónsson 1981
Jun 7, 2012Using Geothermal Energy for Raffine Heating in Copper Production Arnar Freyr Sigmundsson 1985
Jun 30, 2014Utilization of Geothermal Brine for Electrical Power Production Marta Rós Karlsdóttir 1982
Jun 11, 2009Waste Heat Utilization at Elkem Ferrosilicon Plant in Iceland Heimir Hjartarson 1984
Jan 27, 2010Wind power pumped storage system for hydropower plants Árni Vignir Pálmason 1963