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Aug 25, 2014The influence of cavity photons on the transient transport of correlated electrons through a quantum ring with magnetic field and spin-orbit interaction Arnold, Thorsten Ludwig, 1982-
Sep 27, 2015Atóm ferlar á ísyfirborðum í sameindaskýjum Vilhjálmur Ásgeirsson 1988
May 23, 2014Calculation of quantum mechanical rate constants directly from ab initio atomic forces Andri Arnaldsson 1976
May 29, 2015Calculations of adsorption and diffusion of H-atom on FCC(100) and BCC(100) transition metal surfaces Faraj, Avan Anwar, 1970-
Jun 9, 2016Calculations of carbon dioxide electroreduction to hydrocarbons and alcohols Hussain, Javed, 1983-
Apr 17, 2015DFT study on the formation of HCO on ice and hydrogen atom diffusion on metals Gabríel Daði Gunnarsson 1983
May 20, 2010Implementation of harmonic quantum transition state theory for multidimensional systems Dóróthea Margrét Einarsdóttir 1985
Jul 7, 2014Implementation and reassessment of the Perdew-Zunger self-interaction correction Klüpfel, Simon, 1983-
Dec 21, 2011Reikningar á víxlverkun sameinda við jaðra og þrep á yfirborði platínu Sigríður Guðmundsdóttir 1981
Feb 22, 2010The Effect of Hydrogen on the Magnetic Properties of Supported Nano Scale Clusters Bessarab, Pavel, 1985-
Mar 9, 2011Theoretical calculations of electrochemical systems Jón Bergmann Maronsson 1981
Jun 12, 2009Theoretical Studies of Aluminum Based Nano Scale Materials for Hydrogen Storage Jón Steinar Garðarsson Mýrdal 1984