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Aug 25, 2014The influence of cavity photons on the transient transport of correlated electrons through a quantum ring with magnetic field and spin-orbit interaction Arnold, Thorsten Ludwig, 1982-
Jun 2, 2015Cavity-photon controlled electron transport through quantum dots and waveguide systems Abdullah, Nzar Rauf, 1983-
Sep 23, 2011Coulomb and Spin-Orbit Interaction Effects in a Mesoscopic Ring Daday, Csaba, 1987-
Sep 3, 2012Coulomb Effects on the Spin Polarization in Quantum Wires Anton Heiðar Þórólfsson 1986
Dec 13, 2010Effects of shape on the far-infrared absorption of quantum dots Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir 1974
Dec 13, 2010Finite size effects in the far-infrared absorption of a confined 2DEG Sigurður Ingi Erlingsson 1972
Dec 13, 2010Geometrical effects in transport through quantum wires with side-coupled quantum dots Ómar Valsson 1983
Dec 13, 2010Grid-free ground state of molecules and transport in nanosystems Jens Hjörleifur Bárðarson 1979
Dec 13, 2010Magnetization of interacting confined two-dimensional electron systems Vasile, Gabriel, 1975-
Dec 13, 2010Manipulating the persistent current in quantum rings Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir 1978
Dec 13, 2010Signal propagation in open quantum wires Gainar, Cosmin Mihai
Feb 1, 2012Nonperturbative Approach to Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Ólafur Jónasson 1987
May 28, 2009Quantum Transport in the Presence of a Local Time-Periodic Potential in a Magnetic Field Kristinn Torfason 1984
May 16, 2014Snaking states and flux-periodic oscillations in cylindrical core-shell nanowires Tómas Örn Rosdahl 1989
Jun 7, 2016The Mathematical Description of Steady-State Solutions for an Open Quantum System Þorsteinn Hjörtur Jónsson 1992
Apr 9, 2013Variations on Transport for a Quantum Flute Kristinn Torfason 1984
Dec 13, 2010Time-dependent transport through a double quantum wire in a magnetic field Abdullah, Nzar Rauf, 1983-
Jun 14, 2013Tölulegir reikningar á Ising líkani Árni Johnsen 1991
Dec 13, 2010Transport of an electron wave packet through a nanostructure in a magnetic field Gunnar Þorgilsson 1982