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Nov 6, 2014The influence of land reclamation and afforestation on soil arthropods in Iceland Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir 1971; Kristín Svavarsdóttir 1959; Guðmundur Halldórsson 1952
Jun 15, 2010Distribution and identification of ectomycorrhizal and insect pathogenic fungi in Icelandic soil and their mediation of root-herbivore interactions in afforestation Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir 1971
Sep 16, 2014New arthropod herbivores on trees and shrubs in Iceland and changes in pest dynamics: A review Guðmundur Halldórsson 1952; Bjarni Diðrik Sigurðsson 1966; Brynja Hrafnkelsdóttir 1982; Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir 1971; Ólafur Eggertsson 1964; Erling Ólafsson 1949
Oct 16, 2014Distribution patterns of soil entomopathogenic and birch symbiotic ectomycorrhizal fungi across native woodland and degraded habitats in Iceland Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir 1971; Charlotte Nielsen; Robin Sen; Susanne Harding; Jørgen Eilenberg; Guðmundur Halldórsson 1952