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Aug 27, 2015Adolescents' Internet Use: Academic Achievement and Well-being Eir Arnbjarnardóttir 1990
Aug 27, 2015Evaluation of airline cost structures and cost savings at low-cost carrier WOW air. Matthias Vogt 1988
Aug 27, 2015Perception of ethics in the Icelandic Aviation Sector Nicolas Jeanne 1991
Aug 27, 2015Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe: Obstacles, Threats and Opportunities Þór Matthíasson 1983
Aug 27, 2015Að vinna S&P 500: Goðsögn eða gamalkunn tæknigreining? Svandís Rún Ríkarðsdóttir 1981
Aug 27, 2015Icelandic Companies Doing Business in China; Cultural Differences and Intercultural Communication Inga Dís Júlíusdóttir 1989
Aug 27, 2015Corporate Social Responsibility as an Indicator for Employer Attractiveness. A Cross-Cultural Study. Nils Schweers 1988
Aug 27, 2015Influential Factors of Donation Interest: The Significance of Risk Perception and the Role of Cosmopolitanism Lilja Ósk Diðriksdóttir 1989
Aug 27, 2015Electronic Cigarettes: Market Entry in Iceland? Hinrik Hinriksson 1990
Aug 27, 2015How can Tibco Spotfire enhance Icelandair's Twitter Marketing? Ármann Gunnlaugsson 1991
Aug 27, 2015Can Credit Ratings Create Value for the Icelandic Financial Market? Sveinn Héðinsson 1986
Aug 27, 2015Standardizing and Adapting the Marketing Mix for Cintamani in China Christine Di Zheng 1982
Aug 27, 2015Icelandic salted cod in Madrid - Brand audit Kristinn Björnsson 1982
Aug 27, 2015Behavioural influences in portfolio composition Andrew Britten-Kelly 1980
Aug 27, 2015Icelandair Social Media Communication: Develop Appropriate Digital Strategy on Facebook Sandra Espersen 1986
Aug 26, 2015A Brief Mindfulness Meditation Intervention Could Increase Retention of Medical Health Information: An Analogue Study Arnar Guðjón Skúlason 1991
Aug 26, 2015Sleep difficulties and the relationship with depression, anxiety and stress in women Ásrún Á. Jónsdóttir 1986
Aug 26, 2015Effects of Content on Facebook Post Popularity: The Case of Icelandair Herborg Sörensen 1988
Aug 26, 2015The Impact of Screen-Use on Cognitive Function: A Pilot Study Jóhanna Ásta Þórarinsdóttir 1992
Aug 26, 2015Mental simulation of Action: Does Working Memory Capacity Affect Mental Simulation when Solving a Meaningful Task with an Ultimate Goal? Huldís Franksdóttir Daly 1968
Aug 26, 2015Using Survival-Analysis to Assess Reneging Behavior: Correcting Self-Reported Maximum Impatience Sigrún Ósk Jakobsdóttir 1989
Aug 26, 2015Incorporating Mindfulness Intervention into Health Related Educational Intervention: Does it help? Ragna Margrét Brynjarsdóttir 1990
Aug 26, 2015Determinants of happiness among secondary school students in Iceland Kristbjörg T. Haraldsdóttir 1976
Aug 26, 2015The Difference Between Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Towards People with Disability Among Psychology Students Alda Magnúsdóttir Jacobsen 1992
Aug 26, 2015Explicit and Implicit Attitude Tests Examining Attitude Towards Obese People Among Undergraduate Psychology Students Tinna Brá Sigurðardóttir 1990