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Aug 11, 2016Attitudes and beliefs towards mental disorders Sturla Brynjólfsson 1988
Aug 11, 2016Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy compared to physical exercise as a follow-up treatment to prevent depressive relapse and maintain recovery Sif Jónsdóttir 1985
Aug 11, 2016Social comparison on Facebook : effects on state self-esteem, self-evaluation and affective states Tinna Rós Rudolfsdóttir 1990
Aug 11, 2016Norms for the Icelandic version of the ACE-III : effects of age and education Una Sólveig Jóakimsdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Attitude towards sex offenders : an Icelandic sample of psychology students and the general public Sara Björgvinsdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Effects of diet behaviour and sport participation on body image and body shame Sigrún Sesselja Morthens 1991
Aug 11, 2016Associations between childhood sexual abuse, body image and the development of eating disorders Svava Guðrún Helgadóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016The association between family structures and depressive symptoms among children Sunneva Reynisdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Attitudes towards cannabis legalization in Iceland Sigurbjörg Lára Kristinsdóttir 1991
Aug 11, 2016Schizophrenia, cognition and aging : mapping cognitive deficits and the relationship between test performance and aging Vaka Valsdóttir 1989
Aug 11, 2016Depression and anxiety in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder : moderating and mediation effects of self-esteem and social support Stefanía Jónsdóttir 1990
Aug 11, 2016Women's purchase intention for organic skin care products Stefanía Bergmann Magnúsdóttir 1991
Aug 11, 2016Environmental Psychology: The Effect of a Scenery with Water on Psychological Restoration with a Consideration of Weather Conditions Sólrún Ósk Unnsteinsdóttir 1992
Aug 10, 2016Cyberbullying among adolescents : bullies and victims associated with parental relations, online usage time and gender differences Nína Björk Gísladóttir 1990
Aug 10, 2016The role of physical activity and unhealthy diet on ADHD symptoms and emotional well-being in adolescents diagnosed with ADHD Lára Borg Bolladóttir 1993
Aug 10, 2016The effect of body image and physical activity on depressive symptoms : a study on Icelandic adolescent girls and boys Lovísa Dagmar Guðfinnsdóttir 1993
Aug 10, 2016Improving waste sorting behavior in a university environment with visual prompt stimulus Óskar Ólafsson 1991
Aug 10, 2016The impact of warning and working memory span on the creation of false memories Katrín Grímsdóttir 1991
Aug 10, 2016The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction Indíana Rós Ægisdóttir 1992
Aug 10, 2016Chronological and subjective age among Icelanders : alcohol, self-esteem, positive and negative affect Helga Maren Pálsdóttir 1993
Aug 10, 2016The effects of the crisis in 2008 on the health of the Icelandic population Harpa Einarsdóttir 1993
Aug 10, 2016Supplement use and attitudes towards supplementation with vitamins, minerals and protein powder among a Facebook community and university students Hildur Ósk Gunnlaugsdóttir 1988
Aug 10, 2016Sexual double standard in Icelandic society : effects of gender, sexual history and the impact on self-esteem and depression Íris Hilmarsdóttir 1994
Aug 10, 2016Public knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer´s disease in Iceland Katrín Eyjólfsdóttir 1992
Aug 10, 2016Does upward or downward social comparison reflect on athlete’s self-esteem or body image? Marteinn Andrason 1992