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Sep 29, 2015BLDC Motor Control for an Automatic Jigging Reel Magnús Freyr Smárason 1978
Aug 29, 2012High Resolution Simulation of a Vacuum Microdiode Pálmar Jónsson 1986
Jun 30, 2014Movement measurement device for airplanes Sigríður Júlíusdóttir 1971
Jul 1, 2015Automatic Control and User Interface for Central Tire Inflation System Björgvin Rúnar Þórhallsson 1989
Aug 29, 2012Automatic thermal inspection of aluminium reduction cell Guðjón Hugberg Björnsson 1982
Jan 22, 2014Thermoelectric Devices: Silicon as a possible construction material Birgir Hrafn Hallgrímsson 1982
Feb 20, 2014X-ray detection of bones in whitefish fillets Arnar Þór Stefánsson 1985