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Sep 3, 2012Analyzing Markets and Designing an Export Strategy for Atlantic Leather to Enter the Mexican Market Serralde Monreal, José Omar 1982
Jun 5, 2014Applying Reconstructuralist Models in the IaaS Market : A case study of GreenQloud Nicola Storgaard 1984
Jul 3, 2014Avoiding Unnecessary Technical Barriers to Trade Arnar Sigurðsson 1988
Oct 3, 2012Blue Ocean Strategy and marketing Icelandic fish Sigrún Guðbjartsdóttir 1976
Sep 3, 2013Branding of electricity in B2B markets Rolanda Simenaite 1986
Jan 31, 2013Challenges of Internationalization for New Ventures, the case of Icelandic born global companies Inga Pétursdóttir Jessen 1977
Jun 3, 2014Critical Factors in Successful International Entrpreneurship: The Case of Icelandic Software Firms Tryggvi Guðbjörn Benediktsson 1989
Jan 31, 2013Cultural Awareness in the Icelandic Tourism Industry: An exploration of cultural awareness and workplace diversity management in an expanding industry Birna Sif Kristínardóttir 1986
Sep 3, 2013Customer Acquisition: Variables affecting exchange relationship initiation at a Danish bank Snorri Danielsen 1983
Jan 30, 2014Customer Analytics in Iceland: Attitudes and implementation Rúrik Karl Björnsson 1987
Jun 5, 2014Digital Marketing Practices in Iceland Björgvin Jóhannsson 1979
Jun 5, 2014Effect of Social Media Marketing on Traditional Marketing Campaigns in Young Icelandic Companies Anna Guðbjörg Cowden 1989
Sep 3, 2013Expatriates Motivation, Adjustment and Repatriation. Reasons why Icelandic citizens expatriate to Norway and why they repatriate to Iceland from Norway. Sandra Rún Jóhannesdóttir 1985
Jun 5, 2014Exploring Social Media Use of B2B Companies in The Icelandic Fisheries Industry Ingvi Þór Georgsson 1990
Jan 31, 2013Feasibility research of biodiesel production in Iceland made of Icelandic feedstock. Comparison with other European countries. Sævar Birgisson 1973
Jan 30, 2014Foreign Direct Investment in Uganda and Rwanda; a Cross-Country Analysis Kissel, Christoph, 1982-
Jun 5, 2014Improving Consumer-Retailer Relationships Through Digital Retail: How in-store technologies can affect the Icelandic grocery industry Liam Kristinsson 1988
Aug 7, 2012Industrial analysis of the farmed salmon industry Arnar Sigurjónsson 1982
Jan 31, 2013Internationalization of software for the health care sector; the study case of Snarpur Rósa Margrét Hjálmarsdóttir 1967
Jan 30, 2014Network effects on the internationalization process of Icelandic Software Firms Tryggvi Jónsson 1978
Jan 31, 2013Online Marketing & Travel Agencies. Development stages of websites and the use of webmetrics. Droplaug Guttormsdóttir 1986
Sep 2, 2013Quick Service Restaurant Trends: How are global quick service restaurant trends changing the Icelandic quick service restaurant industry? Sigurjón Arnórsson 1987
Feb 24, 2014Scenario Analysis of the Philippine Energy Market Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson 1975
Jan 30, 2014Stakeholder Management On the Example of Accreditation for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Lintner, Doris, 1986-
Sep 2, 2013Talent Management in Icelandic companies: Do managers measure their employees' performances and identify talents systematically in Icelandic companies? Friðdóra Dís Kolbeinsdóttir 1982
Jun 5, 2014The Icelandic Fish Export Sector : How can Icelandic ground fish producer and exporters reach higher in the value chain? Ágúst Elvarsson 1984
Feb 10, 2015The Icelandic International Ship Register: Why Has It Not Achieved Its Set Goal In Registering Vessels Under The Icelandic Flag? Auður Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir 1983
Jun 5, 2014The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Management: The Icelandic Perspective. Rojas, Francisco Riaño, 1986-
Sep 2, 2013The Impact of Iceland's Preferential Free Trade Agreements with Partners Outside the European Economic Area on Trade Flows Eva M. Kristjánsdóttir 1983
Jan 31, 2013What International Market Entry Strategy Should Kerecis Follow to Enter Into the Indian Chronic Diabetic Wound Market? Kristjana Welch 1972