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Aug 11, 2016Attitudes towards cannabis legalization in Iceland Sigurbjörg Lára Kristinsdóttir 1991
Jul 3, 2014Avoiding Unnecessary Technical Barriers to Trade Arnar Sigurðsson 1988
Jun 15, 2017Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction : The Icelandic Perspective Gísli Rúnar Gíslason 1990
Apr 27, 2015Doctrine of implied powers as a judicial tool to build federal polities : comparative study on the doctrine of implied powers in the European Union and the United States of America Hodun, Milosz Marek, 1984-
Jun 15, 2017The Dublin III Regulation : A System Under Strain Guðrún Elsa Tryggvadóttir 1990
Jul 2, 2014Dublin Regulation: Rebutting the Presumption of Safe Third Country Claudie Ashonie Wilson 1983
Jun 30, 2016Package travel in the EU: legal basis and legal reform from 1990 to 2015 Erlendina Kristjansson 1969
Jun 19, 2017Renewable Energy and the Arctic : exploring the Potential of Renewable Energy Development and the Arctic Council Vilhjálmur Herrera Þórisson 1992
Jun 29, 2015The evolving notion of 'investment' in investment law : governing the access to the international investment protection framework Magnús Ellert Bjarnason 1990
Jun 25, 2015The fair and equitable treatment in international investment agreements Dagbjört Hauksdóttir 1987
Jun 19, 2017The freedom of movement of economically inactive EEA nationals and the impact of EU citizenship : the substance and interpretation of Directive 2004/38/EC in EEA law Oddur Valsson 1991
Jun 30, 2016The three step test of international copyright law : is fair use the key to balancing interests in the digital age? Jóhanna Edwald 1991
Feb 11, 2015The use of financial instruments by criminal organisations for the purpose of money laundering Valerio Gargiulo 1979