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Jan 25, 2012A Face Recognition Plug-in for the PhotoCube Browser Kristján Rúnarsson
Oct 2, 2015A First Attempt on the Distributed Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem Rossetti, Niccolò G., 1985-
Sep 12, 2012Contributions to the meta-theory of structural operational semantics Cimini, Matteo, 1981-
May 31, 2013Downsampling Time Series for Visual Representation Sveinn Steinarsson 1979
Jan 25, 2011Gradual focus : a method for automated feature discovery in selective search Pálmi Skowronski
Feb 11, 2016Introducing Heuristic Function Evaluation Framework Nera Nešić 1990
Jan 24, 2011Approximation algorithms for independent set problems on hypergraphs Losievskaja, Elena; Elena Losievskaja
Oct 1, 2012On the Effects of Buoyancy on Passive Particle Motions in the Convective Boundary Layer from the Lagrangian Viewpoint Bouhlali, Lahcen, 1975-
Apr 15, 2011An Interacting Particle Model and Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: Analysis and Applications Baldvin Einarsson 1981
Nov 8, 2010Automating the manual process of scheduling jobs in prepared plans for a pharmaceutical company Guðrún Sjöfn Axelsdóttir
Jan 28, 2016Reference Graph Construction and Merging for Human Genomic Sequences Schiller, Tom Willy, 1989-
Aug 28, 2013Sorting operators and their preimages Hjalti Magnússon 1986
Feb 3, 2014The security properties of in-network aggression Kristján Valur Jónsson 1966
Jun 14, 2013Tölulegir reikningar á Ising líkani Árni Johnsen 1991
Mar 10, 2011Meta-Heuristics in Multi-core Environments Ragnar Magnús Ragnarsson
Jun 1, 2012Rollout Algorithms for Job-Shop Scheduling Einar Geirsson 1987
Aug 27, 2014Wind optimization of flight profiles through the Reykjavik control area Ninna Björg Ólafsdóttir 1988