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Jan 6, 2010WE WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TOO: The narrative experience of immigrants with career qualifications and their acceptance into the Icelandic labor market Renner, Margo, 1953-
May 5, 2014What does the Hungarian case tell us about the role of the Commission as “guardian of the treaties”, and how can we understand this role from the perspective of theories of European integration Harpa Hrönn Frankelsdóttir 1972
May 12, 2010What is Össur's strategy for competitive advantage Krrutaj, Zija, 1986-
Jan 11, 2012What is the best global marketing strategy for a sourcing company located in China? A Case Study of BIK International Margrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir 1964
Jan 13, 2012What's on your mind? Examining consumer behaviour on Facebook Stella Björk Helgadóttir 1983
May 8, 2017White opportunity Should Russian Arctic activity be considered offensive or defensive? Þórarinn Gunnarsson 1993
Jan 13, 2011Why Can We Get Rid of the Western European Union? European Collective Security and the Modified Brussels Treaty Örvar Þorri Rafnsson 1982
May 4, 2015Why Did the Cod Wars Occur and Why Did Iceland Win Them? A Test of Four Theories Sverrir Steinsson 1990
May 3, 2012Why do people attend games in the Iceland Express men‘s basketball league? Zdravevski, Jovan, 1980-
Apr 25, 2012WikiLeaks og frelsi til upplýsinga. Rannsókn á umfjöllun þriggja íslenskra fréttavefmiðla um WikiLeaks Kristjana Mjöll Jónsdóttir Hjörvar 1980
May 3, 2016Withdrawing Empire: A Test of Structural Realism and Neoclassical Realism to Explain the Withdrawal of US Military Presence Magnús Fannar Eggertsson 1987
Jan 8, 2013WOW air. Aðgreining og samkeppni Berglind Guðrún Bergmann 1973
Jan 9, 2017WOW air í ljósi stefnu og samkeppnishæfni. Galdraverk nútímans svífur loftsins veg(u) baðað geislum sólarinnar Geirfríður Sif Magnúsdóttir 1978
May 4, 2015WTO Law and EU/EEA Law: A Legal and Substantive Comparison. With Emphasis on Free Movement of Goods Unnur Elfa Hallsteinsdóttir 1988