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Showing titles 1 to 25 of 30
Jun 21, 2011Can sustainable development save the rural coastal community? Jennifer Brown
Jun 30, 2010Capitalism and Freedom: The Core of a Contradiction - An Essay on Cornelius Castoriadis and John McMurtry Giorgio Baruchello
Jun 30, 2010Castoriadis and Cognitive Linguistics: A Research Trajectory in the Form of 12 Busy Fragments Stephen Hastings-King
Jun 30, 2010Castoriadis’ Concept of Institution and Democracy Jacob Dahl Rendtorff
Apr 23, 2013Cédric Viale, Lexicon of environmental law : les définitions du droit de l’environment (Leiden: Martinus-Nijhoff Publishers, 2012) Johnstone, Rachael L., 1977-
Jun 16, 2014Chemoenzymatic resolution of selected vicinal diols Sean Michael Scully 1983
Apr 8, 2013Christian Joerges and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (eds.), Constitutionalism : multilevel trade governance and international economic law (Hart Publishing: Studies in International Trade Law, 2011) Johnstone, Rachael L., 1977-
Jun 21, 2010Climate change and human rights : the implications that climate change has on the human rights of the Inupiat in Barrow, Alaska Hildur Sólveig Elvarsdóttir
Jun 24, 2013Cod ranching in the Westfjords : a political, social, and spatial analysis Gaines, Graham, 1982-
Jun 24, 2013Colonial past and constitutional momentum : the case of Iceland Ágúst Þór Árnason 1954
Jun 21, 2011Community-based coastal resource management as a contributor to sustainability-seeking communities : a case study for Ísafjörður, Iceland Jamie Elizabeth Landry
Jul 25, 2008Comparison of two companies in tourism in Northern Iceland : case studies of innovation systems Jón Gestur Helgason
Mar 26, 2013Compensating the crashers Ársæll Már Arnarsson 1968
Apr 15, 2013Conference papers from the winter symposium "Towards a new ethical imagination : political and social values in a cosmopolitan world society", Turku, Finland, 10-12 February 2012 Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
Jun 24, 2010Conflicting Rights : abortion in international human rights law Bára Brynjólfsdóttir
Apr 15, 2013Considerable life extension versus immortality Rantanen, Rosa
Dec 20, 2010Considerations regarding modeling of MW-scale IG-SOFC Hybrid Power System Jakub Kupecki
Jun 21, 2010Consistencies and inconsistencies in the national strategies of the Arctic littoral states Harry Borlase
Apr 24, 2013Constance Gunderson, Human trafficking : the trafficking of women in northern Germany for the purpose of sexual exploitation, systematic overview of community based responses and challenges (Bremen: Lit Verlag, 2012) Meckl, Markus, 1967-
Jul 5, 2010Contemporary Greek-Swedish Relations - a Brief Overview Ioannis Michaletos
Jan 1, 2004Cool strákar og cute stelpur? : kynjamunur í textaritun grunnskólanemenda á Norðurlöndum Herdís Alberta Jónsdóttir; Rakel Friðriksdóttir
Apr 9, 2013Cornelius Castoriadis. A society adrift : interviews & debates 1974-1997 (translated by Helen Arnold; New York: Fordham University Press, 2010) Birgir Guðmundsson 1956
Jun 10, 2013Corporate raiding : hvaða áhrif hefur það haft í íslenskum hlutafélögum og á stöðu haghafa? Hilmar Einarsson 1957
Dec 15, 2010Corrosion in the Kalina cycle : an investigation into corrosion problems at the Kalina cycle geothermal power plant in Húsavík, Iceland Peter Whittaker
Apr 23, 2013C. Raudvere & J.P. Schjödt (eds.), More than mythology : narratives, ritual practices and regional distribution in pre-christian Scandinavian religions (Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2012) Mustonen, Tero