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Showing titles 51 to 75 of 296
Jan 31, 2013Challenges of Internationalization for New Ventures, the case of Icelandic born global companies Inga Pétursdóttir Jessen 1977
Sep 1, 2014Children's adjustment in different kinds of custodies Soffía Dóra Sigurðardóttir 1970
Aug 1, 2012Cognitive changes following Coronary artery bypass graft Kristrún Grétarsdóttir 1986
Aug 28, 2014Cognitive Performance during Pregnancy Margrét Anna Ágústsdóttir 1991
Sep 24, 2013Comparison between face-to-face bullying and cyber-bullying amongst elementary school students and how they cope Stefán Örn Guðmundsson 1982
Jan 19, 2012Consumer Ethnocentrism in Product Evaluation: The case of Iceland Snorri Valur Steindórsson
Aug 2, 2012Consumer trust in advertising in different media Kristján Pétur Sæmundsson 1988
Jun 3, 2014Critical Factors in Successful International Entrpreneurship: The Case of Icelandic Software Firms Tryggvi Guðbjörn Benediktsson 1989
Nov 27, 2013Cross-Cultural issues at Icelandic workplaces Aya Arakaki 1982
Jan 31, 2013Cultural Awareness in the Icelandic Tourism Industry: An exploration of cultural awareness and workplace diversity management in an expanding industry Birna Sif Kristínardóttir 1986
Jan 30, 2014Customer Analytics in Iceland: Attitudes and implementation Rúrik Karl Björnsson 1987
Aug 28, 2014Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, and Purchasing Behavior in Retail Stores: The Effects of Patience and Service Hildur Benediktsdóttir 1990
Sep 23, 2013Cyber bullying, traditional bullying and depression Guðrún Inga Baldursdóttir 1987
Sep 26, 2013Dale Carnegie Training: The Effects on Self-esteem Helena Helgadóttir 1990
Jan 23, 2012Demographic Factors Influencing the Buying Process: Online Consumers from Denmark and Iceland Gylfi Aron Gylfason
Aug 28, 2014Depression and obesity among untreated people, diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome Petra Lind Sigurðardóttir 1988
Aug 2, 2012Determinants of Adolescents’ Happiness in Iceland Laufey Fríða Guðmundsdóttir 1984
Aug 2, 2012Development of conflict management strategies to increase the organizational effectiveness in Nordic companies Violetta Bankovskaya 1988
Aug 2, 2012Dieting Among Adolescent Females in Iceland: Is Dieting Among Adolescent Females in Iceland Associated With Mental Health, Physical Health, Depression, Body Image and Body Mass Index? Annika Vignisdóttir 1988
Sep 1, 2014Difference between effects of norms on academic achievement in the Hjalli movement compared with others coeducational schools Hrönn Árnadóttir 1990
Jun 5, 2014Digital Marketing Practices in Iceland Björgvin Jóhannsson 1979
Sep 23, 2013Distress in Spouse of Prostate Cancer Patient: Relationship between Social Constraints, Avoidance, and Intrusive Thoughts Þyri Ásta Hafsteinsdóttir 1971
Sep 1, 2014Does happy mood increase dishonesty in the cheap talk sender-receiver game? Elín Þórhallsdóttir 1977
Aug 28, 2014Does the amount of physical activity have effect on adolescent depression and is there a gender difference? Guðný Hrund Þórðardóttir 1975
Aug 2, 2012Does Working Memory Capacity Influence Individuals Ability to Ignore Distraction Caused by Emotional Stimuli? Sara Sigurjónsdóttir 1987