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Aug 20, 2013Tækifæri First North á Íslandi: Greining á hliðarmarkaði NASDAQ OMX Iceland Pétur Heide Pétursson 1990; Sigurbjörn Hafþórsson 1988
Sep 2, 2014Tækifæri Marel í austri Arndís Arnardóttir 1961; Hildur Jónsdóttir 1963
Sep 2, 2013Talent Management in Icelandic companies: Do managers measure their employees' performances and identify talents systematically in Icelandic companies? Friðdóra Dís Kolbeinsdóttir 1982
Jan 26, 2012Tengsl heildarkostnaðar og ávöxtunar séreignarsjóða Haraldur Ársælsson
Sep 26, 2013The Application of the Behavioral Perspective Model and Market Segmentation through an E-mail Marketing Experiment Hinrik Hinriksson 1990
Sep 1, 2014The Combined Effect of Physical Activity and Alcohol Consumption on Life Satisfaction in Adolescence Breki Steinn Mánason 1991
Sep 1, 2014The effect of mood induction in Gneezy´s interpersonal cheap talk game Maria Csizmás 1977
Sep 1, 2014The Effect of Organized Sports and Wellbeing on Academic Achievements Þórir Kristjánsson 1989
Aug 28, 2014The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Adolescents as Associated with Substance Abuse, Depression and Anger Sara Mjöll Skjaldardóttir 1990
Sep 1, 2014The Effects of Family Status on Applicants' Hiring Likelihood in Iceland Ásdís Svava Hallgrímsdóttir 1987
Aug 28, 2014The Effects of Overweight and Obesity on Depression, Anxiety and Bullying among Adolescent Females Erna Ýr Styrkársdóttir 1989
Jun 5, 2014The Icelandic Fish Export Sector : How can Icelandic ground fish producer and exporters reach higher in the value chain? Ágúst Elvarsson 1984
Feb 10, 2015The Icelandic International Ship Register: Why Has It Not Achieved Its Set Goal In Registering Vessels Under The Icelandic Flag? Auður Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir 1983
Sep 2, 2013The Impact of Iceland's Preferential Free Trade Agreements with Partners Outside the European Economic Area on Trade Flows Eva M. Kristjánsdóttir 1983
Sep 24, 2013The Impact of Optimism and Pessimism on the Creation of False Memories: Gender Differences Arnar Ingi Friðriksson 1989
Nov 18, 2013The impact of physical activity on self-esteem and how it may affect adolescents living under family conflict Edona Hoda 1987
Sep 26, 2013The impact of social constraints and intrusive thoughts on distress among newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients Bryndís Dögg Steindórsdóttir 1986
Aug 2, 2012The impact of stress and warning on the creation of false memories Íris Ösp Ólafsdóttir 1989
Nov 18, 2013The influence of cognitive abilities and anxiety on academic achievement among 10 and 11 year old children in elementary school Ásta Björg Magnúsdóttir 1989
Jan 23, 2012The Internationalization of Boot Camp Sveinbjörg Rut Pétursdóttir
Aug 3, 2011The paradox of natural disasters leading to economic growth: The case of the Touhoku earthquake Þorkell Ólafur Árnason
Aug 28, 2014The Relationship between Facebook Use and Loneliness: A Comparison Between High-School Students and University Students Anita Brá Ingvadóttir 1989
Sep 23, 2013The Relationship between Marital Communication, Distress, and Intimacy for Spouses of Prostate Cancer Patients Þóra Kristín Flygenring 1990
Aug 28, 2014The Role of Parental Attachment and High Screen Use Edith Gunnarsdóttir 1974
Mar 6, 2014The short-term effect of Methylphenidate on swim speed in zebrafish larvae Dóra Dögg Kristófersdóttir 1983