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Showing titles 1 to 25 of 1145
Oct 13, 2014A 3000 year high resolution multi-proxy record of environmental change from lake Gripdeild, eastern Iceland Halldóra Björk Bergþórsdóttir 1987
Jan 29, 2014Aaru's Awakening special effects Marinó Vilhjálmsson 1986
Apr 29, 2011ABC flokkun birgða. Sælgætisgerðin Freyja Kristín Elfa Axelsdóttir 1979
May 26, 2009A -> B eða: „svona ertu þá eftir allt saman stelpa“ Arna Óttarsdóttir
Oct 25, 2013A bilateral free trade agreement between China and Iceland Örn D. Jónsson 1954; Ingjaldur Hannibalsson 1951; Yang, Li
Oct 14, 2008Ab initio REMPI spectra of HCl and HF Erlendur Jónsson 1983
Sep 13, 2011Able and Willing? does the USA's action during the 2008 crisis conform to hegemonic stability theory? Knútur Zimsen 1981
Mar 6, 2014Absenteeism and Employee Turnover as Indicators of Job Satisfaction, Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior? Sunna Arnardottir 1985
May 13, 2014ABS gæðastjórnunarkerfi Alcoa Fjarðaáls: Hvernig hefur það reynst og verður það farsælt til framtíðar? Sigurður Gunnarsson 1969
Jun 30, 2010Abstract: Spurious Landscape no. 11 Stephen Hastings-King
Jan 12, 2012A Business Cycle Analysis with Large Factor Model. Construction of a smooth indicator free from short run dynamics Tómas Michael Reynisson 1981
Oct 4, 2012Academic achievement in 4th and 7th grade: The contribution of gender, parental education, achievement goals and intelligence Guðrún Anna Jónsdóttir 1974
Mar 24, 2011Academic drift in the development of the education of Nordic primary school teachers Gyða Jóhannsdóttir
Oct 29, 2010Accepting support from relatives. Changes in the elderly’s information behaviour in relation to health status and living circumstances Ágústa Pálsdóttir 1955
May 5, 2015Access and Benefit-Sharing: Key Concepts, Legal Principles and Implementation Challenges Vuong The Pham 1987
Aug 19, 2010Accounting for priming in visual search. Episodic retrieval does not explain priming of pop-out Árni Gunnar Ásgeirsson 1982
May 5, 2014Accounting for the Utilisation of Energy Resources within the Genuine Progress Indicator Cook, David, 1983-
Oct 29, 2010Acculturation strategies of migrated adolescents within the school context Schubert, Ulrike, 1981-
Jun 16, 2014A Century Apart Birgir Hrannar Stefánsson 1982
Jun 7, 2010Acetylation of the MITF transcription factor and regulation by signaling Katla Kristjánsdóttir 1987
Jan 1, 2008A CFD and experimental investigation of under-ventilated compartment fires Guigay, Georges
Jan 11, 2012A Change We Can Believe In? Barack Obama and Black Politics Edda Arnaldsdóttir 1988
Sep 20, 2010A Cold Blooded Murderer Calls For a Revision. Rick Altman's Subgenre Division of the American Film Musical Sigrún Karlsdóttir 1971
May 8, 2014A Comedy for the Rich, a Tragedy for the Poor: Political Satire in Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games Bylgja Júlíusdóttir 1990
Oct 18, 2011A comparative study of geothermal pipeline route selectio methods with visual effects optimization Sigurjón Norberg Kjærnested 1985