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Showing titles 401 to 425 of 997
Jul 10, 2014The Generation of immunological memory in early murine life. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination with novel adjuvants by different immunization routes Stefanía P. Bjarnarson 1974
Jan 1, 2004The Genome generator Jónas Friðrik Steinsson
Apr 29, 2010The Gentle Touch of Ruin: The Influence of Women in Malory's Le Morte Darthur Unnur Heiða Harðardóttir 1986
May 7, 2012The Girl Instinct. A Post Feminist Look at the Relationship Between Foil and Hero in the Plum Novels by Janet Evanovich Gunnhildur Eva Arnoddsdóttir 1980
Oct 24, 2013The good, the bad and the innocent Sunna K. Símonardóttir 1981
May 29, 2009The Gothic: Function and Definition Snorri Sigurðsson 1982
Jun 30, 2010The Great Resistance Stuart Winchester
May 10, 2010The Halo Effect in Management Díaz, Raquel Isabel, 1972-
Sep 7, 2012The Harry Potter Septology: A Heroic Epic in the Mythological Sense Melkorka Edda Sigurgrímsdóttir 1988
Jan 20, 2014The Heroism of Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings Eva Hjaltalín Ingólfsdóttir 1982
Jun 24, 2013The hopeful liberal : reflections on free markets, science and ethics Baruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
Jun 30, 2010The Human Vocation: An Autobiography of Higher Education J. McMurtry
Jun 5, 2014The Icelandic Fish Export Sector : How can Icelandic ground fish producer and exporters reach higher in the value chain? Ágúst Elvarsson 1984
Mar 1, 2006The Icelandic Fishing Industry: a Comprehensive Overview Until the end of 2001 Ögmundur Knútsson; Helgi Gestsson
May 7, 2013The Icelandic media coverage of the constitutional assembly election Guðbjörg Hildur Kolbeins 1967
Oct 25, 2013The Icelandic Seafood Exporting Sector Nína Björg Sæmundsdóttir 1978; Ingjaldur Hannibalsson 1951
May 20, 2011The Icelandic Translation of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire - Teacher Form. An investigation of the psychometric properties in a sample of 6-10 year old children Einar Kári Bogason 1985
Jun 24, 2010The Icesave dispute : Iceland's obligation under European law Gunnþóra Elín Erlingsdóttir
Apr 9, 2013The idea of university in a cosmopolitan perspective Kemp, Peter
May 18, 2012The identity of the traditional costume : Japan and Europe Shirato, Mai, 1978-
Jan 15, 2013The Id, the Ego and the Superego of The Simpsons Stefán Birgir Stefánsson 1985
Oct 11, 2008The image of Iceland. Actual summer visitors image of Iceland as a travel destination Gunnar Magnússon 1978
Jun 27, 2011The image of prostitution: in the Icelandic media and its impact on legislation Silja Dögg Baldursdóttir
Jun 16, 2014The immorality of Christianity : does Christianity contain the best moral values available? Jón Birkir Bergþórsson 1990
Jun 5, 2014The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Management: The Icelandic Perspective. Rojas, Francisco Riaño, 1986-