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Showing titles 351 to 375 of 1054
Jan 1, 2006The development of the right to privacy in the light of freedom of expression Sigurður Pétur Hjaltason
Apr 12, 2013The dialectics of democracy Roman-Lagerspetz, Sari
May 3, 2011The differences between Lithuanian and Icelandic organizational cultures Virbickaité, Darija, 1986-
May 31, 2010The dim2 ORF from Peltigera membranacea: Amplification and expression cloning Iglesias Fernández, Vanessa, 1986-
Jun 25, 2010The disenchantment of mainstream economics : behavioral economics and the Icelandic financial crisis Benedikt Sigmar Emilsson; Davíð Freyr Jónsson
Apr 18, 2013The documentary "Enemies of the People" (2009) and the question of ethics Piotrowska, Agnieszka
Sep 11, 2013The Dragon of the North: The Supernatural Nature of Knowledge in Vǫluspá Machietto, Elaine, 1989-
Aug 21, 2014The Dreams of a Bear: Animal Traditions in the Old-Norse Icelandic Context Ramos, Eduardo, 1990
Jan 21, 2014The Dry Fog of 1783: Environmental Impact and Human Reaction to the Lakagígar Eruption Eyþór Halldórsson 1981
Feb 11, 2014The dynamic behaviour of multi-story reinforced concrete building in a seismic and windy environment Örvar Jónsson 1988
Jun 18, 2012The Earth's Magnetic Field Edda Lína Gunnarsdóttir 1988
Oct 20, 2008The East-Side Gallery í Berlín. Veggmyndir og veggjakrot: „Lifandi“ listmiðill í almannarými Ásgerður Júlíusdóttir 1981
Jun 1, 2012The echo of memory Hausfeld, Claudia, 1980-
Mar 26, 2013The economic crisis seen from Israel : cause and effect Polliack, Lily
Oct 26, 2012The economic impact of hunting reindeer in East Iceland Stefán Sigurðsson 1953
Aug 11, 2011The economic impact of public cultural expenditures on creative industries under increasing globalization Ágúst Einarsson 1952
Apr 18, 2013The economic sociology of late capitalism : the contributions from Boltanski, Thévenot and Chiapello Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
Sep 6, 2010The Education of a Monster. A Feminist Reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Theodór Aldar Tómasson 1978
Jan 20, 2014The Edwardian Era as Depicted in Downton Abbey Oddfríður Steinunn Helgadóttir 1977
Feb 4, 2011The effect of Dlg7 overexpression and silencing on mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation Níels Árni Árnason 1979
Dec 20, 2011The effect of fluoride pollution on soil microorganisms Poulsen, Rikke, 1987-
Feb 22, 2010The Effect of Hydrogen on the Magnetic Properties of Supported Nano Scale Clusters Bessarab, Pavel, 1985-
Oct 29, 2010The effect of media coverage on IPOs Guðbjörg Hildur Kolbeins 1967
Sep 1, 2014The effect of mood induction in Gneezy´s interpersonal cheap talk game Maria Csizmás 1977
Jan 13, 2011The Effect of Obesity on the Labor Market Harpa Hrund Berndsen 1981