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Showing titles 601 to 625 of 1510
Jul 28, 2011Fyrirkomulag gengismála : framtíðarmöguleikar Íslands Árni Húnfjörð Brynjarsson 1984
Aug 18, 2009The experience of mothers of children with autism : a hermeneutic phenomenological study Sólveig Guðlaugsdóttir
Apr 30, 2010The experiences of female immigrant hotel workers in the Icelandic labor market Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir 1979
Jun 28, 2016The exploitation versus conservation dilemma : preparative research towards a comprehensive and extensive environmental & social impact assessment : Koh Rong archipelago, Cambodia Thomasberger, Aris David, 1986-
Jan 31, 2013The exploration of a sustainable design method targeting the conceptual and creative design stage Kjærheim, Karl Martin, 1986-
May 10, 2011The Fabric of her Fiction: Virginia Woolf´s Development of Literary Motifs based on Clothing and Fashion in Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and Orlando: A Biography Ásta Andrésdóttir 1976
May 5, 2014The Fabulous Saga of Guðmundr inn ríki. Representation of Sexuality in Ljósvetninga saga Tirosh, Yoav, 1985-
Jun 25, 2015The fair and equitable treatment in international investment agreements Dagbjört Hauksdóttir 1987
Jun 24, 2009The Fall of Westphalia? : Sovereignty of States Post Globalisation Alena Ingvarsdóttir
Jul 23, 2015The Faroe Islands and the Arctic: Genesis of a Strategy Bailes, Alyson J.K., 1949-; Beinta í Jákobsstovu, 1951-
May 7, 2013The Faroe Islands’ Security Policy in a Process of Devolution Beinta í Jákupsstovu, 1951-; Berg, Regin
Jun 16, 2016The Feasibility of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) for District Heating and Hot Water Production in Holmavik, Iceland Crompton, Adam, 1992-
May 11, 2010The Fight Between a Novel and a Film. The adaptation of Fight Club Leifur Viðarsson 1979
Sep 9, 2014The Figure in the Window: A study of the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse Arndís Dögg Arnardóttir 1973
Jun 28, 2016The Fiji locally-managed marine area network : structure, strengths and scope for future developments Berthold, Sophie, 1985-
Nov 22, 2012The fissure swarm of the Askja central volcano Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir 1978
Apr 27, 2012The Fissure Swarm of Tungnafellsjökull: Recent movements Þórhildur Björnsdóttir 1983
Jan 15, 2013The food retail market and the Common Agricultural Policy in the Nordic countries and the countries applying for EU membership Ágúst Einarsson 1952
Jun 1, 2016The Footprint of Tourism: Ecological sensitivity and hiking trail assessment at selected protected areas in Iceland and Hokkaido Schaller, Harald Josef, 1979-
May 9, 2012The Function of Music in Norwegian Wood, from page to screen Searles, Alan, 1970-
Apr 26, 2011The future of Hot Dry Rock systems with CO2 as a production fluid Ziegler, Moritz, 1988-
Apr 30, 2009The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Lessons from Disagreements between the United States and Europe from 1954-2009 Vilborg Ása Guðjónsdóttir 1981
Apr 27, 2012The F-word in European Politics: Federalism and Democracy Freyja Steingrímsdóttir 1989
Jul 13, 2009The Game in C++ Olga Romanovna Druzhinina
Jul 10, 2014The Generation of immunological memory in early murine life. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination with novel adjuvants by different immunization routes Stefanía P. Bjarnarson 1974