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Showing titles 526 to 550 of 1508
Jun 1, 2012The echo of memory Hausfeld, Claudia, 1980-
Mar 26, 2013The economic crisis seen from Israel : cause and effect Polliack, Lily
Oct 26, 2012The economic impact of hunting reindeer in East Iceland Stefán Sigurðsson 1953
Aug 11, 2011The economic impact of public cultural expenditures on creative industries under increasing globalization Ágúst Einarsson 1952
Apr 18, 2013The economic sociology of late capitalism : the contributions from Boltanski, Thévenot and Chiapello Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
Sep 6, 2010The Education of a Monster. A Feminist Reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Theodór Aldar Tómasson 1978
Jan 20, 2014The Edwardian Era as Depicted in Downton Abbey Oddfríður Steinunn Helgadóttir 1977
Aug 10, 2016The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy follow-up based on mindfulness compared to physical exercise Katrín Sara Hinriksdóttir 1988
Aug 10, 2016The effect of body image and physical activity on depressive symptoms : a study on Icelandic adolescent girls and boys Lovísa Dagmar Guðfinnsdóttir 1993
Feb 13, 2017The effect of brand awareness on loyalty, empirical study generic drugs in France Léglise, Muriel Claude Daniele , 1973-
May 12, 2016The effect of children´s disability and long-term illness on parent´s income Elísabet Eggertsdóttir 1979
Aug 15, 2016The effect of depression and alcohol abuse on social economic decision making Elvar Friðriksson 1986
Jun 22, 2015The Effect of Different Electrode Design on the Electrohysterogram Signal Marta Sigrún Jóhannsdóttir 1991
May 27, 2016The effect of different rotamers of histidine-70 on the reaction rates of aqualysin I, a subtilase from the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus Arnór Freyr Sævarsson 1993
Feb 4, 2011The effect of Dlg7 overexpression and silencing on mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation Níels Árni Árnason 1979
Dec 20, 2011The effect of fluoride pollution on soil microorganisms Poulsen, Rikke, 1987-
Feb 22, 2010The Effect of Hydrogen on the Magnetic Properties of Supported Nano Scale Clusters Bessarab, Pavel, 1985-
Sep 16, 2016The effect of industrialization on birth seasonality in Iceland. An Empirical Analysis Davíð Freyr Björnsson 1992
Oct 29, 2010The effect of media coverage on IPOs Guðbjörg Hildur Kolbeins 1967
May 19, 2015The effect of mismatch repair deficiency on tumourigenesis; microsatellite instability affecting genes containing short repeated sequences Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956; Jónína Þuríður Jóhannsdóttir 1969; Jón Gunnlaugur Jónasson 1956; Jón Þór Bergþórsson 1966; Laufey Þóra Ámundadóttir 1962; Guðríður H. Ólafsdóttir 1954; Jónas Björn Magnússon 1952; Valgarður Egilsson 1940
Sep 1, 2014The effect of mood induction in Gneezy´s interpersonal cheap talk game Maria Csizmás 1977
Jan 13, 2011The Effect of Obesity on the Labor Market Harpa Hrund Berndsen 1981
Sep 1, 2014The Effect of Organized Sports and Wellbeing on Academic Achievements Þórir Kristjánsson 1989
May 27, 2013The effect of photoperiod on juvenile turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) Le Deuff, Soizic Nicole, 1987-
Nov 16, 2016The effect of physical activity on changes in weight and bone mineral density following bariatric surgery Kristín Viktorsdóttir 1976