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Showing titles 526 to 550 of 898
Sep 9, 2013The Thematic and Stylistic Differences found in Walt Disney and Ozamu Tezuka. A Comparative Study of Snow White and Astro Boy Jón Rafn Oddsson 1989
May 4, 2011The Theme of Facts and Fancy in Hard Times by Charles Dickens Anna Margrjet Thoroddsen 1935
May 9, 2012The theme of friendship in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Magnús Örn Þórðarson 1988
Mar 26, 2013The “Third Reich” in the German legal, philosophical and political thinking Hamza, Gábor, 1949-
Mar 26, 2013The transcendental character of money : an exposition of Marx's argument in the Grundrisse Humphrey, J. F.
May 6, 2009The transition to IFRS: The Russian experience Irina Gousseva 1974
Nov 11, 2013The Translation of Controlling Coach Behavior Scale (CCBS) from English to Icelandic and evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Icelandic version Rakel Logadóttir 1981
Oct 29, 2011The transnational capitalist class and the mini-Keiretzu system in Iceland Ívar Jónsson 1955
Apr 30, 2012The Ukrainian Security Dilemma: Is neutrality an answer? Artamonov, Sergii, 1988-
Sep 15, 2011The United Nations Global Compact: The Icelandic Participants Bryndís Pjetursdóttir 1976
May 8, 2009The United States Ballistic Missile Defense System and its Implications for European Security Vera Knútsdóttir 1985
Jun 29, 2011The USA’s (Non-) Basing Strategy in the 2000s: A reappraisal Bailes, Alyson J.K., 1949-
Jun 3, 2011The Use of Armed Force, Weapons of Mass Destruction and the UN Hans Blix
Feb 8, 2011The use of free and open source software by Icelandic software developers Hildur Björns Vernudóttir
Oct 12, 2010The use of games in the language classroom Sigríður Dögg Sigurðardóttir 1985
Mar 30, 2011The uses and challenges of the “New literacies” : Web 2.0 in education and innovation Guðný Guðbjörnsdóttir 1949
Sep 21, 2009The US-Japan-China Triangle: Shifting Power Balances in East Asia and the world Kristófer Hannesson 1982
Mar 18, 2011The validation of the LMC device : analysis of Icelandic basaltic rocks Johanna Ruether
Jan 17, 2014The Vampire in Literature: Old and New Elísabet Erla Kristjánsdóttir 1990
May 9, 2011The Vampires of Anne Rice. From Byron to Lestat Ingunn Anna Ragnarsdóttir 1982
Jun 24, 2010The virtual patient Ingi Þór Jónsson
May 9, 2012The Whether Report: Reclassifying Whether as a Determiner Batson, Gregg Thomas, 1968-
May 10, 2013The Wide-Reaching Influence of Flush: The Importance of Dogs in the Lives and Works of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Virginia Woolf Sigurlaug Kristjánsdóttir 1974
Jun 24, 2013The wider impacts of universities : Habermas on learning processes and universities Larsen, Jesper Eckhardt
Sep 7, 2012The Wilderness of Dragons. The reception of dragons in thirteenth century Iceland Cutrer, Robert E., 1984-