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Showing titles 526 to 550 of 1038
Aug 3, 2011The paradox of natural disasters leading to economic growth: The case of the Touhoku earthquake Þorkell Ólafur Árnason
Feb 7, 2014The peace system : as a self-referential communication system Harste, Gorm, 1955-
Jun 27, 2008The Peloponnesian War, the Spanish Requirement and the Clash of Civilizations: An Application of Plato's Theaetetus Wendy C. Hamblet
May 7, 2013The People of Jamaica Reynir Grétarsson 1972
Jun 11, 2009The Performative Man. Níð and Gender in a Skald Saga Egyed, Veronika, 1981-
Aug 1, 2012The physical and physiological difference between soccer academy players and their non-academy teammates Sveinn Þorgeirsson 1987
May 6, 2009The Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters. Intensifying the Union's Expansion Laufey Helga Guðmundsdóttir 1983
Jan 17, 2014The Political Economy of Household registration system in China Polácek, Michal, 1975-
May 7, 2014The Postmodern Princesses: In Illustrated Icelandic Children‘s Literature Iðunn Arna Björgvinsdóttir 1989
Jan 8, 2013The Power of International Organizations. The United Nations versus Female Genital Mutilation Arna Þórdís Árnadóttir 1982
Feb 15, 2013The power to change: Creating lifeline and mitigation-adaptation opportunities through geothermal energy utilisation Ogola, Pacifica F. A., 1970-
Sep 14, 2010The Pricing of Options with Jump Diffusion and Stochastic Volatility Linghao, Yi, 1964-
Apr 28, 2009The Prince and Utopia: The influential dialogue Hannes Rúnar Hannesson 1982
Mar 24, 2010The Principle of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources and Its Modern Implications Hofbauer, Jane A., 1984-
Jan 1, 2007The privatization of war Jóhann Ásmundsson
Jan 16, 2014The Privilege of Pain: "Manpain" and the Suffering Hero in the Supernatural Series Eva Dagbjört Óladóttir 1983
May 29, 2009The Process Of Bringing The Story To You: A Translation Analysis of Nicholas Evans's The Horse Whisperer Elín Heiða Ólafsdóttir 1985
Jan 23, 2013The Procrustean Bed. A Critical Study of Philip Young’s Edition of Ernest Hemingway’s Nick Adams Stories Ágústa Rúnarsdóttir 1976
Jan 21, 2014The progressing female: The development of the female through vampire fiction Gunnhildur Schram Magnúsdóttir 1985
Sep 4, 2014The Project Handbook: A working tool for daily operations in a political environment Þorsteinn Gunnarsson 1966
Sep 2, 2014The promiscuity of alkaline phosphatase against nucleotides and sugar phosphates. Computational analysis and kinetics Borgþór Pétursson 1990
Jan 22, 2014The proteasome APIS sub-complex and the Rvb1/Rvb2 proteins interact in transcriptional regulation Hernández Rollán, Cristina, 1987-
May 3, 2012The public and its television: A reputational study of BBC One Balkema, Linda Susan, 1987-
Feb 1, 2011The PvS-Index: An Indexing Method for Local Image Descriptors Lejsek, Herwig; Herwig Lejsek
Jan 1, 2006The rationalist of Aquino: Rescuing Aquinas from intellective determinism Sigurður Kristinsson