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Showing titles 576 to 600 of 1552
Jun 25, 2013The effect of water temperature on the feeding behaviour of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) in a natural stream : potential effects of climate change Kennedy, Sarah Jane, 1986-
Jan 4, 2011The effect of YKL-40 on cell migration Margrét Aradóttir 1987
May 25, 2016The effects of amino acid substitutions near the N-terminus on thermal adaptation of VPR, a subtilisin-like serine proteinase from a psychrotrophic Vibrio-species Arnar Sigurðsson 1993
May 20, 2015The effects of azithromycin on cell signalling in human bronchial epithelium Svanhvít Sigurjónsdóttir 1990
Jun 11, 2010The effects of changes in prices and income on car and fuel demand in Iceland Þórkatla Hauksdóttir 1983
Feb 2, 2009The effects of cold cathode lights on growth of juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.): use of IGF-I as an indicator of growth Guðbjörg Stella Árnadóttir
May 12, 2017The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees' Motivation: A case of Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and its subsidiaries Furqan Khan 1990
Feb 21, 2013The effects of diet during the first six months of life on health outcomes in infancy and early childhood Ólöf Helga Jónsdóttir 1983
Sep 1, 2014The Effects of Family Status on Applicants' Hiring Likelihood in Iceland Ásdís Svava Hallgrímsdóttir 1987
Apr 28, 2016The effects of fatty acids on secretion of cytokines and chemokines by natural killer cells in vitro Ingunn Harpa Bjarkadóttir 1991
Dec 28, 2012The effects of in-game advertising on players’ explicit and implicit memory, attitudes and purchase intentions Freygang, Eloise Alana, 1974-
Jan 20, 2009The effects of land use, temperature and water level fluctuations on the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) from organic soil cores in Iceland Jansen, Elisabeth, 1968-
Nov 30, 2011The effects of misoprostol on uterine activity in rats in vivo Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir 1985
Aug 28, 2014The Effects of Overweight and Obesity on Depression, Anxiety and Bullying among Adolescent Females Erna Ýr Styrkársdóttir 1989
May 26, 2015The effects of response alternative precision and cognitive reflection on biased responding in questionnaires Hannah Rós Sigurðardóttir Tobin 1992
Aug 8, 2016The effects of scope definition and planning on creativity management Rafael Cao Romero Millan 1974
Jun 14, 2013The effects of selected proteinase inhibitors on the activity of subilases from psychrotrophic, mesophilic and thermophilic microorganisms Kristinn Ragnar Óskarsson 1991
Aug 9, 2016The effects of sexuality on depression and self-harm amongst adolescents Gabriela Sigurðardóttir 1990
Aug 24, 2015The effects of sleep deprivation and quality of sleep on cognitive performance and mental wellbeing María Ósk Stefánsdóttir 1991
Nov 5, 2010The effects of temperature and hatchery-rearing conditions on juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) behavior Theodorou, Panagiotis, 1983-
Jul 25, 2008The effects of temperature in growth of the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Tómas Árnason
Aug 10, 2016The effects of the crisis in 2008 on the health of the Icelandic population Harpa Einarsdóttir 1993
May 12, 2015The effects of unemployment on gambling behaviour in Iceland: Are gambling rates higher in unemployed populations? Eilif Magnusson Arge 1991; Steinþór Kristjánsson 1986
Aug 20, 2015The Effects that Sports and other Organized Activities have on School Grades and Drug Use among Adolescents Rakel Steinsen 1990
May 10, 2016The Efficacy of Authentic Assessment: A Practical Approach to Second Language Testing Brynja Björk Reynisdóttir 1993