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Showing titles 576 to 600 of 1474
Jan 1, 2004The essential structure of the challenges of caring for patients with pain : a phenomenological study Katrín Blöndal
Apr 26, 2010The Ethics of Asylum Policy: The Case of Iceland Guðbjörg Lilja Sigurðardóttir 1985
Jun 29, 2011The European Citizens’ Initiative. Transnational Democracy in the EU at last? Maximilian Conrad
Jan 6, 2015The European Defence Market: Can the EU work for a stronger European defence industry without undermining its role as an international peace promoter? Örvar Þorri Rafnsson 1982
Jan 13, 2012The European Union´s Common Fishery Policy and the Icelandic Fishery Management System. Effective implementation of sustainable fisheries Helga Hafliðadóttir 1981
Jul 23, 2015The EU’s Post-Lisbon Democratic Development: What Lessons for Iceland? Conrad, Maximilian, 1975-
Jun 14, 2013The EU, the Arctic and Arctic indigenous peoples : a proposal Scarpa, Federica, 1983-
Jun 29, 2015The evolving notion of 'investment' in investment law : governing the access to the international investment protection framework Magnús Ellert Bjarnason 1990
Jul 28, 2011Fyrirkomulag gengismála : framtíðarmöguleikar Íslands Árni Húnfjörð Brynjarsson 1984
Aug 18, 2009The experience of mothers of children with autism : a hermeneutic phenomenological study Sólveig Guðlaugsdóttir
Apr 30, 2010The experiences of female immigrant hotel workers in the Icelandic labor market Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir 1979
Jun 28, 2016The exploitation versus conservation dilemma : preparative research towards a comprehensive and extensive environmental & social impact assessment : Koh Rong archipelago, Cambodia Thomasberger, Aris David, 1986-
Jan 31, 2013The exploration of a sustainable design method targeting the conceptual and creative design stage Kjærheim, Karl Martin, 1986-
May 10, 2011The Fabric of her Fiction: Virginia Woolf´s Development of Literary Motifs based on Clothing and Fashion in Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and Orlando: A Biography Ásta Andrésdóttir 1976
May 5, 2014The Fabulous Saga of Guðmundr inn ríki. Representation of Sexuality in Ljósvetninga saga Tirosh, Yoav, 1985-
Jun 25, 2015The fair and equitable treatment in international investment agreements Dagbjört Hauksdóttir 1987
Jun 24, 2009The Fall of Westphalia? : Sovereignty of States Post Globalisation Alena Ingvarsdóttir
Jul 23, 2015The Faroe Islands and the Arctic: Genesis of a Strategy Bailes, Alyson J.K., 1949-; Beinta í Jákobsstovu, 1951-
May 7, 2013The Faroe Islands’ Security Policy in a Process of Devolution Beinta í Jákupsstovu, 1951-; Berg, Regin
Jun 16, 2016The Feasibility of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) for District Heating and Hot Water Production in Holmavik, Iceland Crompton, Adam, 1992-
May 11, 2010The Fight Between a Novel and a Film. The adaptation of Fight Club Leifur Viðarsson 1979
Sep 9, 2014The Figure in the Window: A study of the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse Arndís Dögg Arnardóttir 1973
Jun 28, 2016The Fiji locally-managed marine area network : structure, strengths and scope for future developments Berthold, Sophie, 1985-
Nov 22, 2012The fissure swarm of the Askja central volcano Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir 1978
Apr 27, 2012The Fissure Swarm of Tungnafellsjökull: Recent movements Þórhildur Björnsdóttir 1983