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Showing titles 551 to 575 of 1148
Sep 28, 2012The mediating impact of money motives in the association between materialism and well-being Nína María Saviolidis 1984
May 15, 2012The Merits of Multicultural Literature: Exploring the inherent values of Multicultural Literature and the need for its inclusion in children’s early reading books Jonsson, Letetia B., 1962-
Jan 12, 2012The migration of doctors following Iceland’s economic collapse. Is Iceland facing a brain drain? Kerul, Alina, 1976-
Oct 12, 2008The miraculuous water of Guðmundr Arason and the limits of holiness in medieval Iceland Anderson, Joel 1982-
Jun 9, 2011The Missing Link in EU Democracy? Why a Transnational Public Sphere Matters Maximilian Conrad
May 6, 2013The Moral Hazard of Humanitarian Intervention: The Victims of Genocidal Violence as Risk-Takers and Fraudsters? Sverrir Steinsson 1990
Sep 7, 2011The Moral Problematic as a Recurring Theme in Robert Louis Stevenson's Novels: The Master of Ballantrae and Kidnapped Liprini, Luca, 1985-
Mar 17, 2015The most frequently lost allelic site in human renal cell carcinoma (D3F15S2) on the short arm of chromosome 3 has homologous sequences on rat chromosome 8 Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956; Erlandsson, Rikard, 1958-; Szpirer, Josiane; Islam, M. Quamrul; Boldog, Ferenc; Klein, George, 1925-
Jun 24, 2008The Multiple Intelligence Theory in English Language Teaching : Theme-based lesson plans on Halloween Anna Svava Sólmundardóttir
Jan 23, 2015The myc gene family proteins and their role in transformation and differentiation Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956
Sep 12, 2011The National and University Library of Iceland - the next ten years Ingibjörg Steinunn Sverrisdóttir
May 10, 2013The Nature of Evil in The Silmarillion Lesniewska, Kamila, 1978-
Sep 4, 2014The Neighbours of Eyjafjallajökull: The phenomenon of social capital Elísabet I. Þorvaldsdóttir 1972
May 4, 2009The Non-State Actor Threat. An Examination into the Legitimate Actions Available to a 'Victim State' Threatened by a Non-State Actor Operating From a Foreign Territory Davíð Örn Sveinbjörnsson 1984
Jun 29, 2011The Nordic States and Agenda-Setting in the European Union: How Do Small States Score? Gunnhildur Lily Magnúsdóttir; Baldur Þórhallsson
Apr 16, 2014The Norse treatise algorismus Kristín Bjarnadóttir 1943; Bjarni Vilhjálmur Halldórsson 1973
Jul 6, 2009The North Atlantic Region and Socio-Economic impacts of Global Change: Tracking Change using Arctic Social Indicators Sölmundur Karl Pálsson
Oct 30, 2014The North Pole Mission in Iceland 1857 - 1858 Birgir Guðmundsson 1956; Meckl, Markus, 1967-
Sep 18, 2012The Novice Problem in Computer Science Ásrún Matthíasdóttir 1956; Hrafn J. Geirsson 1989
Apr 16, 2014The number concept and the role of zero in Northern-European arithmetic textbooks Kristín Bjarnadóttir 1943
Feb 1, 2011The NV-network : a distributed architecture for high-throughput image retrieval Friðrik Heiðar Ásmundsson
Jun 23, 2010Theobald Boehm : the reinvention of the flute Elva Lind Þorsteinsdóttir
Jul 2, 2008Theological Compatibilism and Essential Properties Nicola Ciprotti
Mar 9, 2011Theoretical calculations of electrochemical systems Jón Bergmann Maronsson 1981
Jun 12, 2009Theoretical Studies of Aluminum Based Nano Scale Materials for Hydrogen Storage Jón Steinar Garðarsson Mýrdal 1984