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Showing titles 576 to 600 of 1094
Jan 21, 2014The progressing female: The development of the female through vampire fiction Gunnhildur Schram Magnúsdóttir 1985
Sep 4, 2014The Project Handbook: A working tool for daily operations in a political environment Þorsteinn Gunnarsson 1966
Sep 2, 2014The promiscuity of alkaline phosphatase against nucleotides and sugar phosphates. Computational analysis and kinetics Borgþór Pétursson 1990
Jan 22, 2014The proteasome APIS sub-complex and the Rvb1/Rvb2 proteins interact in transcriptional regulation Hernández Rollán, Cristina, 1987-
May 3, 2012The public and its television: A reputational study of BBC One Balkema, Linda Susan, 1987-
Feb 1, 2011The PvS-Index: An Indexing Method for Local Image Descriptors Lejsek, Herwig; Herwig Lejsek
Jan 1, 2006The rationalist of Aquino: Rescuing Aquinas from intellective determinism Sigurður Kristinsson
Feb 17, 2015The rat MIS1/Pvt-1 locus is syntenic with MYC on chromosome 7 Sigurður Ingvarsson 1956; Wirschubsky, Zvi; Szpirer, Josiane; Levan, Göran; Klein, George; Sümegi, Janos
Jan 20, 2011The Re-accenting of Given Information in Icelandic. A Comparative Study of English and Icelandic Intonation patterns Gísli Valgeirsson 1984
Jun 21, 2010The recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of area protection and management in the Arctic Antje Neumann
Dec 17, 2012The Recollections of Encolpius: A Reading of the Satyrica as Greco-Roman Erotic Fiction Gottskálk Jensson 1958
Sep 15, 2010The Relation of the Decline of Inflectional Morphology to the Loss of Verb Raising in English Leppänen, Eero Rikhard, 1984-
Aug 28, 2014The Relationship between Facebook Use and Loneliness: A Comparison Between High-School Students and University Students Anita Brá Ingvadóttir 1989
Feb 29, 2012The relationship between housing prices and transport improvements : a comparison of metropolitan and rural areas in a large but thinly populated European country Vífill Karlsson 1965
Mar 13, 2013The relationship between input mechanics, flow and auxiliary movements during videogame-play. Arelíus Sveinn Arelíusarson 1975; Reynir Örn Björnsson 1982; Daníel Sigurðsson 1989
Sep 23, 2013The Relationship between Marital Communication, Distress, and Intimacy for Spouses of Prostate Cancer Patients Þóra Kristín Flygenring 1990
Jan 31, 2014The Relationship Between Women´s Mental Health During Pregnancy and Social Support, Relationship Quality, Attachment and Compliance Sara Ósk Kristjánsdóttir 1989
Oct 29, 2010The relevance and application of Hofstede´s work for researchers and practitioners in today’s global environment Svala Guðmundsdóttir
Mar 6, 2009The Resultative Construction. Cutting Verb Classes a Break Einar Andreas Helgason 1982
Mar 1, 2011The Retail Sector in the Nordic Countries : a comparative analysis Ágúst Einarsson 1952
Oct 11, 2008The rights-based approach. A new era for international development? Guðrún Birna Jóhannsdóttir 1978
Jul 10, 2008The Rights of Prisoners : a Global Survey Friðný Ósk Hermundardóttir
Jan 1, 2006The rights of stateless individuals : the right to have rights Jón Fannar Kolbeinsson
Jun 21, 2010The rights to self-determination of the indigenous peoples : illustrated by Arctic indigenous peoples Yichao Chen
May 8, 2012The Rise of a New Era of EU Consumer Contract Law. A Focus on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Lísa Margrét Sigurðardóttir 1987