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Showing titles 1 to 25 of 76
Jan 1, 1999What is the theoretical and practical framework which shapes the nurse - patient relationship? Hólmfríður S. Kristjánsdóttir
Jan 1, 2002Ward sisters´perception of their role : phenomenological study Ágústa Benný Herbertsdóttir
Jan 1, 2006Wave : a Java based warehouse visualisation environment Laurent F. Somers
Jan 1, 2007Workstation for full wave form acoustic logging Davíð Steinar Guðjónsson
Oct 10, 2008Written Feedback in English Foreign Language Writing Instruction: A Study of Teacher Feedback in 8th and 10th Grades of the Primary School in Iceland Steinlaug Sigríður Bjarnadóttir 1953
Mar 31, 2009We are caught up in our own world : conceptions of curriculum within three different disciplines at the University of Iceland Guðrún Geirsdóttir
May 6, 2009Women in the modern Japanese economy Bragi Ólafsson 1986
Jun 11, 2009Waste Heat Utilization at Elkem Ferrosilicon Plant in Iceland Heimir Hjartarson 1984
Oct 9, 2009What is in a Mystery? A Closer Look at the Inspector Morse Mysteries by Colin Dexter Bryndís Júlía Róbertsdóttir 1983
Oct 21, 2009Whetstones from Viking Age Iceland: As part of the Trans-Atlantic trade in basic commodities Juel Hansen, Sigrid Cecilie 1981-
Nov 9, 2009Water-Rock Interaction During CO2 Sequestration in Basalt Flaathen, Therese Kaarbø
Jan 6, 2010WE WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TOO: The narrative experience of immigrants with career qualifications and their acceptance into the Icelandic labor market Renner, Margo, 1953-
Jan 27, 2010Wind power pumped storage system for hydropower plants Árni Vignir Pálmason 1963
Mar 2, 2010War in the name of principles and values : NATO's intervention in Kosovo and its consequences for international stability Arnaud Siad 1985
Mar 9, 2010What methods of overtime distribution might yield better performance for governmentally managed organization Maris Leitans Ástþórsson 1982
May 7, 2010Watery Hues. A short story María S. Holm Halldórsdóttir 1971
May 12, 2010What is Össur's strategy for competitive advantage Krrutaj, Zija, 1986-
May 28, 2010William James og upphaf íslenskrar sálfræði Guðrún Magnúsdóttir 1980
Jun 30, 2010Work Analysis and Autonomy - Socialisme ou Barbarie's Concept of Revolutionary Work Research Andrea Gabler
Jul 6, 2010Writing with the waters. An interview with Triestine author Claudio Magris Maurizio Tani
Sep 10, 2010Wordsworth's Ballads in Lyrical Ballads 1798, Inspirations and Ideas behind Wordsworth's ballads Freydís Ósk Daníelsdóttir 1982
Oct 12, 2010Sérfæði Sara Björk Kristjánsdóttir
Oct 21, 2010www.24.is : viðskiptaáætlun Oliver Pálmason 1971
Oct 29, 2010Welfare state attitudes. Characteristics associated with individual support for governmental redistribution Margrét Valdimarsdóttir
Dec 8, 2010Well Design & Well Completion under Acidic Conditions: Mitigation of corrosion of the wells of Krafla Gabor Rajnai