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This collection contains 6 items which are shown in the table below.

Mar 1, 2006An Invitation to a Merger: An Icelandic case in Strategy Ögmundur Knútsson; Helgi Gestsson
Aug 1, 2005A Test of Market Efficiency: Evidence from the Icelandic Stock Market Stefán Gunnlaugsson
Jun 1, 2005Intercultural communication: A challenge to Icelandic education Rafn Kjartansson
Jan 1, 2004Knowledge Management and HRM Strategies Ingi Rúnar Eðvarðsson
Dec 1, 2003Labour Market Performance in Iceland Ingi Rúnar Eðvarðsson
Mar 1, 2006The Icelandic Fishing Industry: a Comprehensive Overview Until the end of 2001 Ögmundur Knútsson; Helgi Gestsson