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Atlantic Green Chemicals : site location study in Iceland

December 2011

Chemical industry has been a very important industry in the western hemisphere for the last century or so. Today the chemical industry in Iceland is a relatively new concept and has evolved very slowly in recent time mostly because the basic infrastructure for industry of that caliber is in many parts not progressing as fast it has the potential to do. In Iceland there is an opportunity to move the chemical industry into new highs with available low energy prices, feasible land, good harbor-and road connections, and with growingly educated work force. This research provides a financial valuation of raising a glycerin to glycol factory in four locations in Iceland. These locations are Helguvík, Grundartangi, Bjarnarflag and Djúpivogur. Each location has something unique to offer in comparison so valuation is bound to reflect different opportunities. A standard profitability assessment method with 10 year operational time period provides a very positive net present value and internal rate of return at each location.


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