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EDI/XML in e-commerce


This dissertation handles EDI and XML in the Internet environment.
It handles what kinds of companies are today using EDI and which
companies are not. This dissertation describes possible solutions
for companies not using EDI and states one that is chosen to solve
this problem. There is no technology used in Iceland today as far
as I know that handles this problem. There are groups and
companies researching the use of EDI and XML together, for
example Icepro. Good explanations are in the dissertation of all the
technical terms used when solving this problem. There are more
detailed explanations on EDI then other techniques because EDI is
not a term used in the computer science environment as much as
for instance XML and XSLT. Some discussion is about related work
and numbers of systems are mentioned. These systems are used to
compare to the solution created in this project.


Verkefnið er opið nemendum og starfsfólki Háskólans á Akureyri

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