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ThesisUniversity of Akureyri>Viðskipta- og raunvísindasvið>B.S. verkefni>

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Health scheduler : a web based booking system for health care services


This report details the work performed as a final year project at the University of
Akureyri during the school year 2003 to 2004. The project involved designing and
writing a web based booking application for health care services in Iceland. In order
to complete this task, detailed analysis of the Icelandic health care system and the
booking procedure today was undertaken along with an extensive examination of the
available web application techniques. After this research a simple web based booking
system was built using a combination of advanced web technologies such as XML
data representation, XSLT transformations and JDOM document model, along with
proven techniques such as Java servlets. The initial version of this system, although
not completed, proves that this combination of technologies is a powerful tool for
today’s web application developer.


Verkefnið er opið nemendum og starfsfólki Háskólans á Akureyri

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