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This dissertation describes the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of the Jfactor project.
Samhjálp, the organisation that will be using this system, is a drug rehabilitation organisation which has its
offices located in Reykjavik and the main treatment centre and other facilities dispersed around the
Reykjavik area. The environmental restrictions set to this system are that it must run in a closed
environment yet have the flexibility of a distributed system since Samhjálp is geographically distributed
organisation. This system will contain highly sensitive personal information and therefore requires high
security measures. This system will, when completed, be able to maintain and analyse data regarding the
clients receiving treatment at this treatment centre giving the organisation a clear picture on the situation of
both clients and its staff. With some modification i.e. translation to native languages, this system can be
used in any treatment centre in the world. Number of clients using this system is not limited. However, it
will be designed to serve at least fifty users simultaneously to begin with. The goal of the system is to
present an overall picture of the situation of the drug world in each country. Furthermore it will be possible
to combine statistical data from all over the world and thus creating a picture of drug abuse and other
addictive behaviours in various parts of the world. This project will however only contain the first module
of the Jfactor system, the registration module of staff members and client information.


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