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Leiðin að sjálfbærni Vatnsár í Heiðardal : kostnaðaráætlun

March 2012

Vatnsá in Heiðardalur has been a very popular river for fishermen in recent years. A company calles Heiðarlax has been looking into making Vatnsá more sustainable. Making the river more sustainable is in the opinion of the author a very expensive procedure, but will in time show profit in the long run. If the project would happen then the final decision about the type and speed of construction would lie with the owners of Heiðarlax company. By doing everything in one session money will be saved but it will be very risky. Other ways that concern marketing are very important at this point because the internet is a highly usable and efficient way for selling to the public. It is important to construct a good fish counter because there is a lot of valuable information accessible from it which will be useful to the company from the beginning. A lot of preperation work has already been done regarding some of the aspects that the report author has assessed and it would be desirable to start work on those aspects. The first step after a project manager has been hired would be to apply for all permits for construction in the area and then prepare for contract bidding.
It is the report author´s assessment that the most profitable way to continue a good growth of the river is to release salmon pars into it and by doing so a lot of money is saved when thinking of the long term project.
Keynotes: Sustainability – Budget – Timeframe – Aquaculture – Policy making


Verkefnið er lokað til 1.6.2040.


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