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Microplastics in the coastal environment of West Iceland

June 2012

Microplastic particles in the marine environment and the effects on wildlife,
human and ecosystem health are just beginning to be understood in a global setting. The
presence of microplastics particle in West Iceland are evaluated to determine if there is a
detectable gradient of decreasing plastic concentrations with increasing distance from the
urban centres around Reykjavik. The study region includes sample sites within urban,
semi-rural and rural coastal settings, with 4 sites at each type of location being sampled.
Microplastic particles were found at 3 of the urban sites, 2 of the semi-rural sites and not
detected in any of the rural locations. It is concluded that a decreasing concentration
gradient that is based solely on distance travelled from the urbanized area of Reykjavik
does not exist due to patchy distributions that could be the result of strong influences
from ocean currents and offshore activities.


Verkefnið er lokað til 1. janúar 2014.


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