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  • Luxury fashion online : a research of the online marketsplace for luxury fashion brands

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    Hátískuvörur á veraldarvefnum : rannsókn á veraldarvefnum sem sölustað fyrir hátísku vörumerki.

June 2012

Over the last decades the scene of Luxury Fashion has changed significantly, and has evolved from being trade-driven activities, dominated by small and successful family businesses, to becoming a global economic force with a concrete structure and operational mechanisms. At the same time, the evolvement of the online marketplace has been substantial in the last decade, and it has taken Luxury Fashion brands quite some time to catch up with this evolution. There is an ongoing debate
on weather or not Luxury should be sold online, at all, because of paradoxes between Luxury and the Internet.
The main objective of this thesis is to better understand if the online marketplace is a favourable channel for Luxury Fashion Brands to use in business, and weather there are any obstacles for
Luxury Fashion Brands to use the online marketplace to it’s full potential. The author was also interested in knowing weather these possible obstacles would be reflected in the consumer’s attitude towards e-retail of Luxury Fashion.
According to results, the online marketplace has the potential to be a favourable channel for Luxury Fashion Brands to use in business, but does however face some obstacles. The main obstacles are firstly the reduction of the senses when shopping online, senses such as touching, seeing and even smelling a product, and secondly the fact that one cannot try on a product when shopping online. However, according to results these obstacles could be overcome or compensated for with technology and additional services, and by recreating an atmosphere on the Internet that impact the senses rather than functional aspects.


Ritgerðin er lokuð til júní 2014


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