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The transition to IFRS: The Russian experience


This thesis is devoted to reforming of the accounting system in Russia and its transition to International Standards of Financial Reporting.
The theoretical part of the project talks about international standards and their essence, conditions that led to appearance of international standards, their main principles, main requirements of international standards to reporting and accounting information.
The main part of the project is devoted to the comparative analysis of Russian and International standards. The analysis base is normative documents which define the order of financial accounting in Russia and International Standards of Financial Reporting. This part talks about distinctive features of accounting systems, main differences in the way some assets, liabilities and operations are recognized and shown and differences in the order report indexes are formed.
The third part concerns the methods of transformation of financial reports in accordance with IFRS. In the fourth part are briefly mentioned factors that prevent Russia from transition to International Standards of Financial Reporting.


Prentað eintak hefur ekki borist safninu (sept. 2013).

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