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Patriarchy and the subordination of women from a radical feminist point of view


In this essay I cover matters concerning patriarchy and its undeniable connection to the subordination of women. My reasoning is from a radical feminist point of view since I
blame the patriarchy and its detrimental effects, for women’s position in the world today.
Firstly I briefly examine women’s traditional subordination from the beginning and to this
day. Likewise I survey the birth of feminism and examine in what ways it has been helpful
in women’s battle for equal rights. Secondly, I look at a suppression many people seem to
be unwilling to see. This is a suppression connected to the sexualization of the public
arena. In this chapter I define what pornography is and why it has the effect of belittling
women. Furthermore I examine pornography and the internet and finally I reveal the
connection between pornography and rapes. In the third chapter I review the exhibition, use
and sale of women’s bodies. I examine the sexualization of young girls in the mass media
and establish how the society’s sick ideology has had the effect of turning very young girls
into sex-objects in advertisements, on the internet, etc. Moreover I examine concepts like
‘the male gaze’ in the advertisement business and how it is an exemplar of men’s control
over women and also reveals their supremacy. In the end I address important issues
concerning women’s biggest suppression of all in my opinion. This suppression is
connected to prostitution and the trafficking in women and children. I look at the
development of these issues, firstly in Iceland and then in the Nordic countries, and
examine how these issues are handled.


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