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Efficiency of user-driven innovation : the efficiency of user involvement in the Icelandic travel industry : The Blue lagoon

December 2009

The subject of this thesis is to study the efficiency of user-driven innovation (UDI) in a highly innovative Icelandic company in the field of tourism. Theoretical perspective on recent trends in tourism and open innovation systems are discussed to cover the academic aspects of the subject. After interviewing several other companies and associations for potential case studies with UDI characteristics in their operations a case study chosen is the Blue Lagoon.
The methodology used is a form of qualitative research and the majority of references in the analysis were therefore first hand interviews with managers and a customer of the company. A known model was used as a structure to map the innovation process of the company and to analyze the involvement of users throughout the process in a consistent way. The model is called the Innovation Wheel.
The case study demonstrated different indications of user involvement in the innovation process of the Blue Lagoon. There are several stakeholders of the company; lead-users, main-stream users, employees and travel agents who generate new outputs of service or products as well as improving their previous ones by adopting UDI methods.
There is evidence that show different drivers of innovation in the company’s innovation process. However the managerial team is aware of the importance of involving users in their product and service development. The research demonstrates that amongst those new outputs that are being offered users have been involved more frequently.


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