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The Art of Storytelling in The New York Trilogy

September 2010

This essay explores the art of storytelling in the novel The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Emphasis is placed on the roles of fiction, language, truth and genre in writing. This essay focuses on the tasks of the author and the responsibility of creating a good or innovative novel.
The first chapter of this paper explores the process of creating fiction and the impact this has on the work and the author. The second part deals with the reliability of language with regard to storytelling, with references made to literary theorist Jacque Derrida and his interpretation on biblical literature. This leads on to the exploration on the subject of reality and the question of how to correctly express it.
Special emphasis placed on the role of genre and an exploration into the keeping of old traditions while at the same time creating new ones. Therefore exploring the limits and expectations placed on stories and how they will be accepted. This paper demonstrates how Auster has managed to write a story about the art of storytelling while both using a unique method but also following the older forms.


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