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Setup of a test bench and testing the single solid oxide fuel cell at various temperatures

February 2009

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) are a promising source of electricity. They are efficient devices that allow direct harnessing the Gibbs free energy of reactions between fuel and an oxidant. The ongoing project in the Fuel Cell laboratory in Perugia, Italy is a part of their coordination with the Energy Research Center of Netherlands (ECN). This project was devoted to single SOFCs testing, which helps in understanding the influence of different circumstances on the SOFC performance. In this thesis is a detailed outline of the testing procedures and an expanded discussion of the results. The main objectives of this work were to: finish building the single SOFC test bench, create a model that allowed time and gas consumption forecasting for different tests, design the sulphur tolerance system, create a model for cell temperature evaluation, study recent scientific achievements in SOFC with special emphasis on single cells testing, prepare the laboratory testing procedures, perform the tests of the ASC2 Cell by InDEC B.V. The results are presented in graphs in the body of the work and in detailed tables as an appendix. The measurements gave results worse than expected, but the temperature dependence is clear. The conclusions for future development of the test bench are that the temperature measuring should be improved and software development should continue.


RES Master´s Thesis
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